Should The Walking Dead end with Rick’s death or should it go on forever?

There’s been a lot of talk this week about how long AMC’s zombie apocalypse drama The Walking Dead can go on for. According to AMC’s President and CEO Josh Sapan, the show could run as long as Star Trek has. We already have spin-off Fear the Walking Dead to contend with, but there is the possibility of further spin-offs. Whether it’s the spin-offs or the main series itself, it looks like AMC want the walker-infested apocalypse to endure for decades.

But should it? There’s been previous talk of the show lasting for 12 seasons. That means with season 7 kicking off soon we’ve just reached the half way mark. I know the show has been getting a lot of stick recently for its season 6 cliff-hanger ending and it’s faking out of the fans with the whole Glenn-appearing-to-get-chomped debacle.

For me, the show has been getting better and better since season 3. The first two seasons had great moments under Frank Darabont’s watch, but when the group picked up Michonne and got themselves a prison, the walkers really started hitting the fan. Since then, showrunner Scott Gimple has done a fantastic job of developing the characters, introducing new ones and delivering some of the best moments of the entire series so far.

There’s a rich world out there and spin-offs could potentially work. Fear the Walking Dead is beginning to pick up now in its second season, but it doesn’t have the wonderful array of characters in the original. Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has suggested that the whole saga will come to an end with Rick’s death sometime in the future. Kirkman also suggests that the apocalypse might be under control by that point and that walkers, while not eradicated perhaps, will be far less of a threat.

So, should the show end with Rick’s death and some of his fellow survivors ready to live a long and happy life away from the fear of having their flesh eaten every time they step out of the front door? It does seem like a rather fitting ending and I suppose all good things must come to an end sometime. But wouldn’t it be more brutal, more devastating if Rick died long before the series takes its final bow. Think of the shock of the Red Wedding Game of Thrones fans!

I know lots of people hate poor little Carl, but I think he could carry another spin-off/sequel if his father met an untimely death. At this rate, by season 12 he’ll be a full-blown adult and most likely so damaged beyond repair by what he has seen and been through, that he could turn into an absolutely amazing/psychotic character. And wouldn’t that be an awesome way to end The Walking Dead? With Carl becoming a bad guy all set to be the villain in a new spin-off series!

Let me know what you think in the comments. Should the series end with Rick’s death? Would you rather Carl died now than make it to the end? How many series do you want to see The Walking Dead last for?

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