SHUT UP! Kelly performed her iconic 2006 viral hit 'Shoes' at a queer bar during Pride

Kelly/Liam Kyle Sullivan
Kelly/Liam Kyle Sullivan

Los Angeles Pride weekend took a nostalgic turn at a popular downtown queer bar with a performance from one of the early stars of YouTube and her iconic song... "Shoes."

That's right, Kelly herself made a 2024 appearance at Precinct to perform the 2006 viral hit that was stuck in every millennial's head for weeks, if not years on end.

For those who may have missed the phenomenon, it was the start of a series of hilarious videos by Liam Kyle Sullivan as "Kelly," an awkward and sex-obsessed young woman who lives with her out-of-touch parents and obnoxious twin brother. Her saga produced other viral hits during the aughts such as "Let Me Borrow That Top," "Text Message Breakup," and "Where Do You Think You're Going In That?"

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Kelly made a reappearance on YouTube during the pandemic to remix "Shoes" into "Masks," with several follow-up videos and livestreams after a long time away from posting.

But getting a live performance of the song that has forever changed the way some among say the words "shoes" and "betch" was not on most people's bingo card for the year.

The fact that Kelly was able to rely on the audience to handle all the parts that were sung-spoken by someone else in the original video also just goes to show what an enduring legacy this early viral hit still has. Whoever organized LA Pride this year, pay attention!! Forget JoJo Siwa and Ricky Martin...Kelly can draw a crowd to that stage next year for sure.

Check out the full performance of "Shoes" below:

Kelly Performs "Shoes" (Live) at the Precinct DTLA Los Angeles