Sidney Sussex - a potentially vital Cleethorpes ward in the local elections

-Credit:Grimsby Live
-Credit:Grimsby Live

Local elections day on May 2 is fast approaching and Sidney Sussex Ward could be key to who runs the council afterwards.

The Cleethorpes ward has been a bellwether of leading party fortunes in recent years. Labour held onto posts up for election last year and in 2022.

But this year's contested post was a gain for the Conservatives in 2021. As a result of its important status, Grimsby Live has heard from competing candidates about why they are standing, their priorities and the ward's challenges and best parts.

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The ward covers North Promenade and leads up to East Marsh. The £18.4m Levelling Up Fund-supported Cleethorpes Masterplan elements to be carried out are just over in neighbouring Croft Baker.

Alexandra Curran - Conservative

Who are you and why are you standing?

"I am a mum of three small children, local to Grimsby and clinician in the NHS. I am standing to create a brighter future for Grimsby and Cleethorpes and my children. I am passionate about people and their voices being heard."

For Sidney Sussex Ward, what do you think is its greatest challenge, if any, and the best part about it?

"There are challenges with Sidney Sussex relating to fly-tipping and vandalism," said Alexandra Curran. "Sidney Sussex is the gateway to our beloved Cleethorpes. The best part are the people in it who have a sense of pride in their local area and expect it to be looked after."

Alexandra Curran, the Conservative candidate for Sidney Sussex
Alexandra Curran, the Conservative candidate for Sidney Sussex -Credit:North East Lincolnshire Conservatives / Alexandra Curran

If elected, what will your policy priorities be for the ward and North East Lincolnshire?

"If elected I feel there is a massive need to improve the look of Grimsby and Cleethorpe Roads. Tourism is a large part of our revenue and needs protecting. In North East Lincolnshire we are seeing lots of investment coming to the area so priorities will be finalising projects and ensuring the tax payer gets value for money."

Edward Kaczmarek - Labour Party

Asked why he was standing, Edward Kaczmarek said: "I'm a local resident, this is my home, I've grown up in this area, played in the streets of Sidney Sussex with my friends, gone to the local school, Reynolds. I'm standing because I want to make Sidney Sussex even better than it is."

The ward's best part was its people. He had campaigned with Labour across North East Lincolnshire and the country. "I just love campaigning in Sidney Sussex and talking with the residents and neighbours. There's nothing I enjoy more."

He said of the ward's main difficulties: "We have quite a problem with abandoned housing that seems to be becoming more prevalent and I think just being generally neglected by the council, it feels to me and a lot of other residents here." He cited issues of streets not being cleaned and drainpipes being clogged for some time as showing the neglect.

Labour's Sidney Sussex Ward candidate, Edward Kaczmarek
Labour's Sidney Sussex Ward candidate, Edward Kaczmarek -Credit:Sidney Sussex News / Grimsby and Cleethorpes Labour Party

Housing regulations will be a key policy priority if elected. "My main focus is tackling HMOs and rogue landlords, that's a massive issue. It's making sure more services are brought back into North East Lincolnshire.

"A lot of our services are contracted out, are we getting value for money for them? It's making sure that people's council tax actually pays for the services they want and they need."

Andy Burton - Liberal Democrat

"Sidney Sussex ward isn't just where I live—it's my heart and home," said Andy Burton. "As a parent raising my children here and actively involved in a local school, I'm deeply invested in our community's well-being and future."

He said he is "driven by empathy and a genuine desire to see our community thrive". Through his own life experiences he has gained valuable insight into the community's needs and witnessed firsthand as a local support worker challenges facing residents, such as fly tipping and the need for cleaner streets.

Referencing East Marsh Lib Dem councillors, he said: "Inspired by their dedication, I'm determined to make a significant difference in the Sidney Sussex Ward. I believe that together, we can bring about the change Sidney Sussex deserves. As a man of my word, I believe in transparency, accountability, and delivering on promises."

Liberal Democrat candidate for Sidney Sussex, Andy Burton
Liberal Democrat candidate for Sidney Sussex, Andy Burton -Credit:Grimsby and Cleethorpes Liberal Democrats

On the greatest challenge facing the ward, he said: "The cost of living crisis is still a major issue in the Sidney Sussex Ward, with many residents struggling to make ends meet. They need support and they need it now. It's crucial that North East Lincolnshire Council acknowledges this reality." He described continuous council tax increases as a "burden" on local people and promised to push to halt near maximum increases.

As for the ward's best part, he said: "Cleethorpes, known as the jewel of the East Coast seaside resorts, holds great importance for our community's well-being. The sea air has been recognised for its positive impact on our health and happiness. I am committed to ensuring that our seafront remains an enjoyable space for residents and visitors alike."

On policy priorities, he said: "If elected, my focus for the ward will be on addressing issues that directly impact the well-being and safety of local people. Tackling fly-tipping and improving alleyways will be a top priority, as they directly impact community cleanliness and safety.

"Too many residents have told me they never see a police officer on the beat. Consequently more and more residents are not only frightened to go out at night, they are also frightened to go out in the day time. So I will push for a greater police presence in our area too.

"I'll also fight for better housing quality in our area by urging the council to implement measures like selective licensing of landlords and restricting the number of HMOs." Andy Burton committed also to keep people updated and informed if elected, with regular newsletters and weekly ward surgeries. He would also carry out resident surveys on council matters. "I will listen to your concerns and act upon them."


Grimsby Live was unable to successfully make contact with the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate, Mark Gee. It is standing 240 candidates nationally. It objects to cuts in council jobs and services, and any privatisation of such. It also rejects increases in council tax, rent and service charges.