Sign language interpreter steals show during Twista concert

Rebecca Speare-Cole
Amber Galloway Gallego on stage with Twista: Andrew Barber

A sign language interpreter stole the show when she appeared at a concert alongside the US rapper Twista.

Twista, who once held the Guinness World Records' "fastest rapper of all time", was performing in Charlotte, North Carolina.

He was joined by American sign language interpreter Amber Galloway Gallego on stage.

Thousands praised on Twitter after a video was posted by Andrew Barber, who founded Chicago-based music and media company Fake Shore Drive.

He wrote: "Twista's sign language interpreter hitting every single word he fires off on stage is 10/10 content.

"She needs a Guinness World Record."

Twista was performing in Charlotte on Saturday night. (Getty Images)

More than 52,000 people liked the post with Twitter users commenting that "my mind is blown" and "she deserves every bit of this attention!"

Guinness World Records even shared his tweet saying: "Wow, Amber Galloway Gallego is one speedy signer!

"We do have a category for the fastest time to spell the American sign language alphabet - and we'd certainly welcome an application."

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At one point during Saturday's set, Twista turned towards Ms Galloway Gallego and the audience went wild for her interpretation.

On social media, Twista commended Ms Galloway Gallego saying: "She's the real MVP for keeping up wit me."

The interpreter previously went viral in 2013 for her performance with Kendrick Lamar at Lollapalooza. She has also worked with artists like Lady Gaga, the Black Keys and Cher.

She has used her viral attention to advocate for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, calling for more inclusion especially within the arts.

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