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Climate change march: The best protest placards

Sign of the times: The best climate change protest placards as millions take to streets

David Harding

Climate change protesters, many waving placards, have taken to the streets on a global day of action, including thousands in the UK.

Millions of people are taking part in protests in cities across the planet as part of the global “climate strike” day, with rallies taking part in British cities including Glasgow, London and Manchester.

Demonstrations, many involving schoolchildren, have also been organised in Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Newcastle.

Among the imaginative placards being waved were ones claiming: “Won’t somebody listen to the children?”, “We are skipping our lessons to teach you one”, and “We want to die of old age”.

There were also protests in Tokyo, Bangladesh, Sydney, Berlin and Senegal, as well as many other locations around thew world.

In Belfast, kids took part in a mass “die-in” as part of the protests.