Simon Cowell hints there 'might be a plan' for new X Factor-style show

Watch: Simon Cowell hints at 'plans' for new X Factor

Simon Cowell has hinted that he has "a plan" and has had "conversations" about bringing back a new version of The X Factor.

The music mogul and TV contest boss appeared on BBC One's The One Show on Thursday, where he spoke about the likelihood of reviving his now-defunct pop machine.

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Cowell was a guest alongside former contestant Lucy Spraggan to help promote her new song, and as he was asked if there would be “a new vehicle to refeed the pop engine”, they smiled at each other.

Simon Cowell talked about a possible X Factor comeback. (BBC)
Simon Cowell talked about a possible X Factor comeback. (BBC)

Syco boss Cowell said: “When we started the show in the first place, it was honestly with the feeling that people need a platform.

“It’s very difficult to get a record deal. It still is today. It’s really, really hard. I would argue it’s harder today to get your music noticed than it was 10 or 15 years ago.

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“So, the show did what it intended to do, which was to help people who couldn’t get a record deal for whatever reason … and in a lot of cases, thank God, it did launch careers.”

Simon Cowell at X Factor auditions
Simon Cowell last aired an X Factor series in 2018. (Getty)

It sounded as though some definite plans might have been made, as Spraggan talked about what she would like to see change if the singing contest was brought back to TV.

She said: “There are things if it was to ever come back that Simon and I would love to like to make it a better show for contestants.

“I think that the importance is finding new talent and find the people who really need a voice.

“They need a platform, and Simon has that and I have the experience of being a contestant, and I think we can make something really special.”

Cowell appeared to confirm the plans as he added: “There might be a plan here...there might have been a conversation.”

The X Factor last aired in 2018, with a celebrity version in 2019, but ITV has said there are "no plans" for another series - although earlier this year, it was rumoured that Channel Five could pick up the format.