Simple driving hack guarantees you'll always hit a green light

Following these steps could mean you always hit green lights
Following these steps could mean you always hit green lights -Credit:Adam Vaughan

A TikToker has shared a simple driving hack which means you're 'guaranteed to always drive through green lights'. When it comes to traffic lights in urban areas, it can sometimes be hit and miss as to whether we hit red or green lights.

Sometimes it feels like we sail through roads, with each junction staying on green. Other times it can feel like we hit every red light going.

But a social media influence has shared a simple hack which mean drivers save time by avoiding waiting at traffic lights. As reported by DailyExpress, the tip came from TikTok channel @onlyjayus which claimed motorists could dodge red lights by altering their style of driving.

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Getting quickly up to the speed limit of a road, alongside maintaining a steady pace, should mean that motorists have a clear stretch of traffic lights, she warned. The tip meant drivers don't have to speed but also encourage people not to take their time when the lights changed.

The clip has been shared almost 29,000 times on TikTok and received over 2.8 million likes. @onlyjayus explained: "If you’re driving in an area with a lot of stop lights, usually if you go the exact speed limit you’ll always hit greens.

"Speed limit is 40 right now, so I'll go 40. There’s one, two, three. I even got the green arrow."

TikTok viewers were quick to praise the solution with many road users admitting the concept had helped them while behind the wheel. @notcountable added: “Woah the last one worked. What.”

@ella.cranstone wrote: "That traffic lights one tho. Woahhh." @esoxtraa posted: "I’ve always wondered why I always get green lights! Glad I stopped speeding lol."

But, some TikTok viewers were less than impressed with some questioning the effectiveness of the strategy. One TikTok user commented: "My town the lights don't stay green long enough to get 3 in a row no matter what speed you do lol." @halfgodherc remarked: "Or you can get all reds."

Earlier this year, experts proposed introducing a new traffic light signal to help ease congestion and save fuel. Lead researcher Ali Hajbabaie at North Carolina State has tested a new white light which would be used for autonomous self-driving cars.

The tool would allow driverless cars to better coordinate on the road leading to fewer traffic jams. Ali said: "The white phase further improves traffic flow. This also reduces fuel consumption, because there is less stop-and-go traffic.

"[And] the higher the percentage of traffic at a white phase intersection that is made up of AVs, the faster the traffic moves through the intersection and the better the fuel consumption numbers.”