World's most expensive Xmas cracker costs £4m and comes with most extravagant gifts ever

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Luxury Crackers

The crackers contains gifts such as a Breguet Tradition gold watch and an Aston Martin. (Caters)

The world's most expensive Christmas cracker set contains staggering luxury gifts such as a Cartier diamond necklace and a Yacht, but there are no cheesy gags in sight.

Forget tape measures, thimbles and plastic combs, this luxury cracker set costs a whopping £4 million and contains the ultimate in expensive gifts - ranging from pens to round-the-world trips.

The crackers are being sold by luxury website VeryFirstTo and the lucky winners of the crackers will find inside gifts including: a white gold "Diamants Legers" Cartier necklace set with 20 diamonds, a Breguet Tradition 18- carat rose gold watch, an Aston Martin, and a Sunseeker yacht.

The most gift is a Predator 84 yacht from Sunseeker, and the key fob is hidden inside one of the crackers. (Caters)
If you have a taste for horology then this Breguet Tradition 18- carat rose gold watch might be the perfect cracker treat. (Caters)
Simply crackers: Six extravagant crackers will set you back £4,018,600, but they can be tailored to suit your table décor. (Caters)

The Faber-Castell limited edition Pen Of the Year is also up for grabs, as is a £77,500 luxury trip around the world stopping off at ten locations including Japan and Finland and receiving a luxury shirt from shirt maker, 1 Like No Other in each location.

One lucky guest will get the keys to a top of the range £190,000 Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe inside their cracker.

But the most expensive item that guests will be gunning for is the Predator 84 yacht from Sunseeker and the key fob is hidden inside one of the crackers.

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The set of six extravagant crackers that cost £4,018,600 are created by Simply Crackers and can be tailored to suit the table décor of the buyer.

Amar Thapen, from Very First To, said: ‘There are no jokes inside these crackers- just the ultimate in luxury presents.

‘There is a present for every luxury connoisseur from diamonds to cars, horology [the art and study of clocks] and one of the finest writing instruments, not to mention a once in a lifetime trip like no other.’

Cracker Contents & Price

Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe £190,000
Breguet Tradition Watch £19,000
Cartier Diamond Necklace £18,600
Graf Von Faber-Castell £6,500
1 Like No Other Trip £77,500
Sunseeker Yacht £3,700,000