The Simpsons director shares Biden-Harris inauguration ‘prediction’ from 2019

Louis Chilton
·2-min read
The Simpsons apparently predicted the Biden-Harris ticket back in 2019 (Fox)
The Simpsons apparently predicted the Biden-Harris ticket back in 2019 (Fox)

One of the creators of The Simpsons has highlighted a clip where long-running animation seemingly “predicted” the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Biden and Harris took office as US president and vice president respectively earlier this week (20 January), having beaten incumbents Donald Trump and Mike Pence in last year’s election.

The Simpsons is known for foreshadowing news headlines, sometimes decades in advance, including Trump’s ascension to president.

Last week, fans suggested that the show had “predicted” both Harris’s outfit worn during the inauguration, and the appearance of Tom Hanks during the ceremony.

Series animator and director David Silverman has now shared another instance of the show apparently predicting events before they happen.

In a post addressed to Simpsons showrunner Al Jean, Silverman references the “West Wing Story” segment from 2019, which uses the song “America” from West Side Story to parody then-president Trump.

Near the end of the clip, Trump is seen before a line of dancers, including Biden and Harris, who are positioned next to one another. The pair did not become running mates until last year.

“When we did @TheSimpsons West Wing Story, dropped on YouTube 8/20/2019, I set up this kick line for ending. Just happened to put then-candidates Biden & Harris together,” wrote Silverman.

“@AlJean did we predict future again? Was just telling a group on a call I really don't do that...”

Jean shared the tweet with his followers, also retweeting an image of Lisa wearing a suit similar to the one that Kamala wore during the inauguration.