‘Simpsons predicting the future again’: Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory explains what cryptocurrency actually is

Clémence Michallon
YouTube / Animation on FOX

Ever wonder what cryptocurrency is actually all about? Jim Parsons might have the answer.

The Big Bang Theory star did a cameo in The Simpsons earlier this week, in the season 31 episode titled “Frinkcoin”.

In the episode, Lisa Simpson sets out to write a paper about Professor Frink, who tells her he’s developing his own cryptocurrency.

At one point, he introduces “TV’s most beloved scientist, Mr Jim Parsons”.

Parsons, of course, isn’t actually a career scientist, but rather played one for 12 years in The Big Bang Theory, in which he portrayed theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper.

“People think I’m a nerd, but I’m actually super cool,” says Parsons. “That’s why I’m here to talk about the really cool subject of distributed consensus-based cryptocurrency.”

He then launches into an explanation of the inner workings of cryptocurrency – supported by a song claiming cryptocurrency is the “cash of the future”.

This assertion prompted some to say that The Simpsons could end up predicting the future in that way.

The series has a history of incorporating plotlines that later end up coming true.

Parsons’s explanation is followed by a sardonic disclaimer that reads in part: “Cryptocurrency is a system that does not rely on a non-cryptocurrency central authority, but instead relies on a non-centralised distributed consensus of cryptocurrency ownership.

“Using the word ‘cryptocurrency’ repeatedly when defining cryptocurrency makes it seem like we have a cryptocurrency novice’s understanding of cryptocurrency.

“Well, that is a total pile of cryptocurrency.”