Can you match The Simpsons quote to the character who said it?

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Can you match The Simpsons quote to the character who said it?

After three decades of the Simpsons, it’s become America’s longest-running sitcom of all time - and Simpsons phrases have seeped into popular culture around the world.

Without Homer, no one would ever shout out, ‘Doh!’ when something goes wrong - and Bart has gifted the world classic bon mots such as ‘Eat my shorts!’

Most of us know a few classic Simpsons quotes like these, but this quiz aims to test your mastery of the wit and wisdom of the inhabitants of Springfield.

The first few questions list a few Homerisms and other classic Simpsons quotes which most fans will recognise without breaking sweat.

But later on in the 15-question multiple choice quiz, you’ll come up against quotes from MUCH more obscure characters, from classic episodes from years and years ago.

As Groundskeeper Willie puts it: ‘Don’t feel bad for losin’... I’ve been wrestling wolves since you were at your mother’s teat.’

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