Sims 4 is now free to download on Windows and Mac

Anthony Cuthbertson

The creator of the hugely popular Sims video game franchise has just made The Sims 4 free to download for anyone with a PC or Mac computer.

The game will be free to download via the Origin platform, which is free to download and requires an account to log in.

It will only be available until 28 May, however, at which point it will revert to its usual price of $40.

The game has been made freely available for the limited time as part of Electronic Arts' Origin Access subscription programme.

The deluxe version of the simulation game has not been included in the offer, with players having to pay $50 to download it.

The game allows to players to take control of humans and guide them through their virtual life - from getting a job, to finding a home and starting a family.

Not everybody is happy with the free promotion, with some voicing their regret at having paid for the game.

"The Sims 4 really decided to be free after I paid for it... a clown," one person posted on Twitter.