Sir Elton John's reaction to Pastor Michael Curry's Royal Wedding sermon is priceless

He entertained the guests at the Royal Wedding reception with a performance of some of his hits, but it’s Sir Elton John’s reaction to Pastor Michael Curry’s sermon during the service that has got people’s attention.

The American pastor’s address was one of the highlights at the wedding, sparking an entertaining range of reactions in the chapel, as well as around the globe.

They included pop king Elton John, who was caught on camera sporting a perplexed expression during the 14-minute address.

Elton John’s reaction to Pastor Michael Curry’s sermon is priceless

The Candle in the Wind star wasn’t the only one unable to hide his reaction to the lively sermon.

The Duchess of Cambridge was caught on camera trying to hold in laughter during the speech.


Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles, Prince William and even Princess Beatrice also looking at each other and smiling.

David Beckham was also pictured sporting a big grin during the speech, which opened with the words of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr and spoke about love and God.

For some the style of the sermon showed a culture gap between Americans and Brits, with some suggesting the royal family had been blindsided by such an emotional address.

American actor Josh Gad tweeted: “Watching the Brits watch an American Preacher do his thing in Windsor is giving me life right now. It’s like watching Metallica do a concert at the Old Globe.”

Commentator Hugo Rifkind tweeted: “I love how the entire British royal family is visibly dying of embarrassment because somebody is shouting openly about love at a wedding.”

Jeremy Clarkson was unenthusiastic about the length of the speech, tweeting: “What if this American vicar never stops?”

Some also pointed out that the Bishop’s address was a historical milestone.

Elamin Abdelmahmoud tweeted: “A black reverend preaching to British royalty about the resilience of faith during slavery is 10000000% not what I thought I was waking up for, the royal wedding is good.”

Angela Griffin wrote: “Not sure I’ve ever seen so many people of colour involved in any royal event ever. Feeling quite proud watching with my 10 year old mixed race daughter”