Snake slithers off after feasting on jackal five times its size

This is the moment a greedy python made light work of jackal — by digesting it whole in just 40 minutes.

Wildlife rangers came running after hearing the “agonising cries” of the jackal suffocating in the python’s death grip.

But by the time they arrived, the python had managed to swallow the jackal — despite it being five times the snake’s size.

Apart from a huge mass in the middle of the snake, all that was left to be seen was the jackal’s feet poking from the snake’s jaws.

The snake was seen at the Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary, Uttar Pradesh, India (SWNS)

Locals tried to rescue the animal by pelting the snake with stones and sticks, but it took just 40 minutes for the python to devour its meal.

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The video shows it finishing off the massive jackal in Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary, Uttar Pradesh, India.

The snake finished off the jackal in 40 minutes (SWNS)

Forest area officer RKP Singh said after the python had eaten its prey it was spotted lying still nearby, while it digested the meal.

“Officials were deployed for the python’s safety,” he said.