Even Snoop Dogg's grandkids call him by his rapper name

Grandpa Calvin doesn't mind, though.

US rapper Snoop Dogg arrives for Prime Video's premiere of
Snoop Dogg at the premiere of Prime Video's The Underdoggs. (Frederic J. BROWN/AFP)

Snoop Dogg's eldest grandson calls him by his rapper tag, it's been revealed.

While appearing on the latest episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show to promote Prime Video sports comedy The Underdoggs, the Death Row Records icon (best known for his work on Dr. Dre's seminal album The Chronic and tunes like 'Drop It Like It's Hot') was asked how many grandkids he has running around these days.

"I have a total of 12 grandkids," he replied. "Yes, yes, yes I do. And they're different ages, ranges, sizes and I love them all the same way.

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"Actually, my oldest grandson, his birthday is today so I'm on my way to his birthday party when I leave here. He's going to be 9 years old, that's Zion Broadus."

Hudson, who began hosting her daytime talkshow just two years ago, then quizzed her guest - real name Calvin Broadus Jr - what the youngsters like to call him.

21 September 2023, North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne: Rapper Snoop Dogg is on stage during a concert at Lanxess Arena. Photo: Henning Kaiser/dpa (Photo by Henning Kaiser/picture alliance via Getty Images)
The iconic rapper performing onstage at Cologne's Lanxess Arena. (Henning Kaiser/Getty Images)

"Well [Zion] was the first one to name me," said Snoop.

"He used to call me Papa Noop, because he couldn't say Snoop, so he started calling me Papa Noop. And then as time went by he learned how to say Snoop, so now I'm Papa Snoop."

This comes after the star told PEOPLE how much the moniker 'Papa' meant to him last summer.

"My grandkids are my everything because they all individually get a piece of my heart and they're different. My oldest grandson Zion told me he's the biggest star in the family. He took my Snoop Loopz box and put his own little cover on the front and made his own cereal," began Snoop.

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"And then my granddaughter CC (Journey), she plays tennis, she loves her papa. She sees me in the store in my little Corona ads and what not — [she says], 'Papa!' That s*** means the world to me for them to call me that because I had a papa."

He continued: "My grandpa was my best friend and for me to be that for my grandkids is showing that I actually did well and I was able to outlive the circumstances. Now I can look back — I can teach those who want to get to this level. Or at least give them a blueprint and help them avoid some of the traps that had to deal with."

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