Snow turns to rain across UK as flood and rain warnings put in place

Bethany Dawson
·1-min read

The snowy Saturday that much of the UK experienced is now passing as temperatures rise slightly throughout the day.

The majority of the country will be seeing mostly dry weather with sunny spells and occasional showers, with most of the rain contained to the North West of the country.

Temperatures across the country will range from 5-7 degrees, with the South of the country at the higher end of that range, and Northern England and Scotland seeing the mercury sitting at 5-6 degrees.

Sunday has no Met Office weather warnings in place, unlike previous days where the Met had warnings in place across the country for snow and ice. From Monday, however, yellow warnings for rain are in place for Wales and North East England. These warnings are to stay in place until Wednesday evening.

Some 30-60 mm of rainfall is expected to fall widely across the warning area, with the potential for up to 150-200 mm across the regions most exposed hills.

Natural England has 95 amber flood warnings in place for Sunday, and 20 red flood alerts in place, most of which are clustered in the South East and North East of the country.

Monday will see the week starting with sunny spells and blustery showers in the North of England. Southern areas will start off the day mostly dry before cloud and rain arrives from the southwest later, where there will be a mixture of sunny spells and showers.

The showers becoming mostly confined to northwestern parts with a longer spell of rain for Scotland into the afternoon, whilst southern and eastern England become mostly dry.

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