Soak and Sleep’s silk pillowcases tamed our frizzy locks without breaking the bank

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Unlike cotton, silk isn’t an absorbent material, meaning any oils or serums won’t be soaked up (iStock/The Independent )
Unlike cotton, silk isn’t an absorbent material, meaning any oils or serums won’t be soaked up (iStock/The Independent )

As the name suggests, Soak and Sleep is a bath and bedding brand. Its extensive range encompasses beds, bed linen, mattresses, towels, duvets, nightwear, and pillowcases. Passionate about providing customers with the best night’s sleep possible, the brand looks to offer luxury items at affordable prices (music to our ears).

Like many sleep brands, it has dipped its toe into the silk pillowcase market, with pure mulberry offerings that piqued our interest. Known for its multiple skin and hair benefits, natural silk has often been hailed as both smoothing and soothing. Due to the shiny surface of silk, hair won’t be pulled or tangled when moving around overnight. And unlike cotton, it isn’t an absorbent material, so hydration levels are optimised. This also means that face oils and serums won’t be soaked up by your pillow, leaving your skin to reap all of the benefits.

Additionally, silk is helpfully hypoallergenic if you’re prone to sensitivities too. As silk pillowcases help regulate body temperature, they’re versatile for cold and warmer months.

With all of these benefits, we’ve been on a mission to find out whether snoozing on Soak and Sleep’s silk pillowcase would bring us a better night’s sleep, while also hydrating our skin and hair. We tried the brand’s duck egg blue, pure mulberry silk, standard housewife pillowcase pair, to investigate their beauty- and sleep-boosting potential.

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How we tested

We tested the silk pillowcase pair over two months, taking us from summer warmth into cooler autumn nights to test temperature controlling ability. We considered the finish and feel of each pillowcase, as well as momme level (the silk weave density), and if we noticed hair and skin benefits. Finally, we investigated how well the pillowcases withstood regular washing.

Soak and Sleep duck egg blue pure mulberry silk standard housewife pillowcase pair

Rating: 8/10

  • Momme: 19

Soak and Sleep’s silk pillowcases are available in blue, silver, champagne, ivory, and pink shades. You won’t be overwhelmed with pattern types, because the simplified range focuses on classic pillowcase designs in a range of sizes.

We chose a housewife size, which at 50cm x 75cm, fits our standard pillow easily. The piping on the pillow’s edges adds an extra elegant touch, and we found the zip closure handy for a streamlined fit, without any slipping. A major bonus is the price point, as you’re essentially getting two silk pillowcases for the price of one when compared with other retailers.

At 19 momme, the pillowcase’s silk thread thickness offers a satisfying smoothness and lightweight feel. The material boasts a glossy sheen, which looks pearlescent in the pale blue shade. It is worth noting that this pillowcase is almost sheer, so we were careful to avoid snagging the silk as this would show up easily.

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When sinking our head onto the pillowcase, we instantly felt comforted by the tactile softness. It offers a refreshing relief, much like when you turn a pillow over for the cooling touch on your skin. This gentle effect remains consistent throughout the entire night, without the need to flip the case. Equally, on chillier nights, we experienced a cosiness, showing this silk does indeed adapt to your body temperature.

Waking up after a night’s sleep on the silk pillowcase, our face looked and felt perkier, without any obvious creases. Our skin brightness can also be attributed to night creams soaking in successfully, as we saw a suppleness to prove that hydration too.

Additionally, our hair didn’t have its usual post-sleep ruffled appearance and instead was smoother. This was something we got used to, before swapping our cotton pillowcase back in for a night and noting the return of our morning frizz.

We followed the washing instructions, advising a machine wash at 30C, before air drying the pillowcase. Washing well and retaining its glossiness, we haven’t experienced any colour fading, even after several machine cycles. The pillowcase gets quite crumpled when fresh out of the washing machine, but this does smooth out after a few nights’ sleep.

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Alternatively, we found running the iron across it on a cool setting (and using a tea towel to protect the silk) quickly removes any creases. Impressively, frequent washing hasn’t damaged the delicate silk fibres, and our pillowcase pair remains as shiny as new, even after two months of testing.

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The verdict: Soak and Sleep silk pillowcase

Finding a matching pair of silk pillowcases at a reasonable price point really impressed us. Plus, the delicate piped finish and duck egg blue shade looked appealing in our bedroom. Although quite a sheer texture, they do wash well, and our skin looked refreshed with use. We slept well thanks to the soothing material which helped us to feel relaxed.

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