Social Distancing Hack: South Australian Man Shares Glasses of Scotch With Friends Using Drone

A South Australian man in Norwood, a suburb of Adelaide, came up with a novel way to share drinks amid coronavirus isolation. Using a drone, he delivered two glasses of scotch to friends of his on March 28.

Drone pilot Joe Mignone captured this footage showing the Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve being poured into glasses with ice. The drinks are then ferried to his waiting friends via a container attached to the drone with pink ribbon.

Speaking to Storyful, Mignone said, “We often catch up for drinks with neighbors and I love to fly my drone, so this was a good way to do both while having a bit of fun.”

Australia’s Department of Health has confirmed 5,350 cases of coronavirus by April 3, with 26 deaths from the illness. Credit: Joe Mignone via Storyful