Social media blasts Dr Phil over Trump softball interview that repeated MAGA lies: ‘I am totally DONE with you’

Dr Phil McGraw was panned for his “pathetic” fawning interview with Donald Trump and was accused of going “full-on MAGA.”

Trump sat down at Mar-a-Lago for an hour-long interview with the TV therapist during which he faced a series of softball questions and was allowed to lie repeatedly about his record and Joe Biden.

Dr Phil told the recently convicted president that he believed he had been “muzzled” by a judge in his New York hush money trial.

The TV star told Trump that he hoped that Joe Biden would step in and prevent the legal cases against the former president, two of which are state and not federal jurisdiction.

Dr Phil also claimed that he had been to the border and been told by officials there that 13 million migrants had been let into the US.

Donald Trump reacts during an interview with Dr Phil from Mar-a-Lago (Dr. Phil’s Merit Street)
Donald Trump reacts during an interview with Dr Phil from Mar-a-Lago (Dr. Phil’s Merit Street)

He also showed Trump a map of where he claims the Chinese government has bought land near US military facilities, suggesting that something nefarious was going on.

At one point, Dr Phil asked Trump why he bothered to run for president.

“I know you got thick skin. You’re not one of those people afflicted with the need to be loved by strangers. You’re a billionaire. You got a great family. You’re a very dedicated father. Why do you subject yourself to this?”

Dr Phil was quickly slammed online for his conspiracy-theory-heavy interview, with one X user calling him an “unlicensed therapist.”

“I suggest a cognitive test for anyone falling for drama queen and droning oaf Dr. Phil McGraw. He holds a doctorate in clinical psychology, though he ceased renewing his license to practice psychology in 2006. Now a tv personality and unlicensed therapist,” wrote the user.

“I used to LOVE you!!! My DVR was set to record your shows. So you being imaprtial was an act? You’ve fell into the politics rabbit hole where you CAN’T be impartial and hold a politician ACCOUNTABLE!? Donald Trump treated unfairly while he cheered to lock up Hillary? DISGUSTED!” wrote another person on X.

“Tuned in to see @DrPhil interview Trump, but this is far from an interview. I’m watching Phil declare himself as full-on MAGA. Ignoring facts. Letting him say he never met @ejeancarroll … Phil is on his knees in front of a convicted criminal,” wrote another user.

Another user branded the interview a “bunch of nonsense.”

“So, with anyone else , you would have called out these lies of Trump. What is so evil is that you feeding his lies to the American people. Dr Doc Phil , I am totally DONE with you because are definitely a supporter,” they wrote.

One user said that Dr Phil was “going for that rich tax cut.”

“Pathetic easy interview for Trump and kissing his diaper. Trump looks horrible. All bout him no policy issues.”

Another user added: “Dr Phil is MAGA scum. Just saw his interview with Trump and he was saying how the “ judicial system turned against you” and how on earth does the poor man deal with all the stress? Two malignant narcissists.”

Dr Phil should join Dr Oz wherever the H he ended up!! Two frauds supporting a BIG fraud!!” wrote another person on X.