Social media erupts as 'Baby Reindeer's Martha moves to Skelmersdale'

The post on Facebook
The post on Facebook -Credit:Facebook

Facebook users have joked 'there are worse people in Skelmersdale' after an account mimicking a TV stalker claimed they had moved to the Lancashire town.

Netflix's Baby Reindeer, based loosely on the true story of actor and comedian Richard Gadd, has attracted rave reviews along with widespread speculation as to the identity of one of the show's main characters.

In the series, Gadd plays himself - named Donny Dunn in the drama, as he becomes the focus of a stalker named Martha. In Baby Reindeer, the pair meet when Donny gives Martha a cup of tea 'on the house' when she walks into the London pub where he works behind the bar.


Donny's random act of kindness leads to Martha becoming obsessed with him - to the extent where she befriends his ex-girlfriend's mum, spends hours sat in a bus shelter outside his home and sends him thousands of texts and emails.

Struggling comedian Dunn initially gives Martha false hope, but quickly learns the error of his ways when she repeatedly tries to sabotage his blossoming relationship with a transgender woman called Teri. Donny's attempts to report Martha to the police fall on deaf ears and he eventually resorts to setting her up in a bid to bring her twisted obsession to an end.

Although Gadd has insisted that there is nothing within the show which would allow anyone to identify the real Martha, as well as the theatrical producer who sexually abuses him, social media is awash with theories and speculation.

The post on Facebook
The post on Facebook -Credit:Facebook

This week a post on Facebook left people 'in stitches' as a woman claimed to be moving to Skelmersdale to make a new life for herself/ The post was accompanied by a picture of 'Martha'.

The account posted: "Hi guys, I am new to Skem, I had to move from London due to domestic issues. My name is Martha and I am looking to make new friends in the Skelmersdale area.

"My hobbies include meeting new people, reading, texting, emailing and sitting in bus shelters."

Although many recognised the image as being a still of Martha, played in Baby Reindeer by actress Jennifer Gunning, not everyone got the joke.

One user wrote: "Good luck on your journey." Another quipped: "There's worse people in Skem than Martha."