Inside Noel Radford's bakery as fans spot hygiene 'issue' during 'stressful' day

Noel Radford has documented his ‘day in his life’ at the bakery
Noel Radford has documented his ‘day in his life’ at the bakery -Credit:@TheRadfordFamily/YouTube

Noel Radford, the dad of Britain's biggest family, has given fans a sneak peek into his hectic life at the pie shop in a new vlog - but it's not all smooth sailing.

The star of 22 Kids and Counting may be taking a break from our TV screens, but he's still knee-deep in the day-to-day grind of his bustling bakery business. In his latest YouTube video, Noel, alongside his son Luke, tackles a mountain of tasks with his usual can-do attitude.

Kicking off the video, Noel, from Morecambe, says, "We've got tons to do so it's going to be a bit stressful today but hey ho, what can we do? " as he prepares for a full-on day at the pie shop. The drama begins early when Noel arrives at the bakery after 9am only to find that the butcher hasn't delivered the steak for the pies, which Noel noted would "put us a bit behind"


Despite this, he rolls up his sleeves and gets stuck into preparing a hefty order for a wholesaler that needs around 190 pies ready to go. With the camera rolling, Noel captures the pastry mixer in full swing, churning out dough for the pie bases.

He remarked: "We'll just have to get on as best as we can but everything needs making today, baking today, so it can all be cooled and sent out tomorrow." He then firmly states: "No excuses, we've got to get it done today and that's it!"

Later, following the much-awaited steak delivery, Noel is seen meticulously checking the meat's temperature before and during cooking, ensuring each batch is perfectly tracked with its unique code. As the pies were almost ready, with an industrial fan speeding up the cooling process, Noel was gearing up to finish his shift.

"Now it's home for my second job bit of filming this afternoon," he revealed, as the family are currently shooting for the latest season of their hit Channel 5 series.

He added: "I don't think it's much, bits and bobs, and then it'll be tea bath and bed. That's my Rock and Roll Lifestyle, everyone, that's about it - that's as good as it gets!"

While many fans enjoyed the immersive experience of Noel's bustling bakery, some eagle-eyed viewers raised concerns about hygiene practices, noting the absence of gloves or hair coverings during food preparation, reports OK!

One fan wrote: "Noel, what a busy man you are, I'm just surprised that you don't wear anything on your head, I worked in a Supermarket bakery years ago and we had to wear a hat."

Another added: "You should wear a hairnet and if you have stubble on your face you need to to wear one there in all food factories it is a requirement".

A third questioned: "Love your videos , but why do you nit wear gloves when your working with the food?? Sorry but this should be standard practice, because of contamination .. disappointing as it's basic hygiene."

However others were quick to praise Noel's impressive work ethic. One fan commented: "Its great seeing the bakery doing well you are all good hard worker's."

Another simply put: "Great family and a great family business well done Noel , love your vlogs". A third wrote: "Honestly your pies are the best I have ever had. We had them with guests and they were also Sao happy with them and made orders. Thank you and I’ll be ordering more soon."

A fourth penned: "Thanks Noel, really enjoyed seeing it. Comments full of people arguing about hair coverings and gloves blah blah blah wouldn't you know it."

Watch the full YouTube video here.