From socks to children's toys — 34% of dog owners say their furry friend will eat anything but food

From cat litter, leaves and even rocks, the average American dog owner will yell "What are you eating?!" to their pups nearly 50 times a year, according to new research. The study asked 2,000 American dog owners to reflect on their dogs' nutritional habits - both good and bad - and found they've gotten into some sticky situations. The top non-treats their pups have gotten into included socks (48%), garbage (47%) and children's toys (44%) - with one respondent even sharing their dog got ahold of their toilet plunger. Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Zignature, the survey also found that the average pet owner has to remove something from their dog's mouth about three times a month. This rings especially true for the third (34%) of respondents who have a dog that tries to eat anything but food. In response, 39% have a pup that immediately drops their "treat" with a look of shame. Pet owners say they know their pet did something bad if the furry perps avoid eye contact (46%) or run off (45%).

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