Soleil Moon Frye remembers 'tattooed angel' ex Shifty Shellshock

Soleil Moon Frye has remembered her late ex Shifty Shellshock credit:Bang Showbiz
Soleil Moon Frye has remembered her late ex Shifty Shellshock credit:Bang Showbiz

Soleil Moon Frye's heart is "whispering a million I love yous" to her "tattooed angel" ex-boyfriend Shifty Shellshock.

The Crazy Town star - whose birth name was Seth Binzer – died on June 24, at the age of 49, after suffering an overdose and his former lover and childhood friend Soleil - who first met him when they were at school together - has expressed her sorrow in a heartfelt Instagram post in which she thanked him for loving her and her children.

She wrote: "My heart is whispering a million I love yous for the way you loved my children and I so unconditionally.

"I can still see your smiling sweet face in middle school when you kissed me in your tunnel of love and the way you swept me away again as we grew up to show me what that timeless kind of love feels like.

"No words could ever express the love we shared or how we are feeling right now. It is a language all its own."

She added: "For now I will use every bit of strength you showed me to hold on to those words you asked me in your beautiful morning gravilly voice on the beach while covering me with kisses. 'To the people we have lost we will see them again down the road, right?'

"I believe we will Seth … and when we do, the most charming bad ass tattooed angel in mismatched shoes, who taught me how to drink up life again will be standing there with the biggest smile. I will instantly see your moon on fire cheek welcoming your family, friends, fans and loved ones under loving double rainbow arches… I love you forever and always. Your Moonfire."

The former couple met in eighth grade but didn't get together and become a couple until 2021 following the end of Soleil's 22-year marriage to Jason - the father of her four children Poet, 18, Jagger, 16, Lyric, 10, and Story, eight.

Shifty was also dad to three children - Halo Gage and Phoenix.

HIs family remembered him in a statement following his passing. It read: "To Seth, the world was art, he loved every part of it, from music and fashion to graffiti, skateboarding and his hometown of Los Angeles.

"He loved his three boys more than anything, and his dedication to his music and fans never wavered.

“Seth struggled with addiction throughout his life, he did so on a very public platform which was particularly challenging. “God knows he tried so hard to beat his demons but sadly he lost his battle.

“Our hearts are shattered by his loss. Seth's larger-than-life presence touched so many.

"Seth was a troubled soul but he was a beautiful one and he had a heart of gold. "He will live on through his 3 sons who were his proudest accomplishments. Halo Gage and Phoenix."