Someone Superglued This Woman’s Car Shut For No Apparent Reason

A ‘lovely’ woman returned to her car on Sunday to find that vandals had superglued it shut.

Police in Kingsbridge, South Devon, were keen to stress the pointless nature of the crime, which saw the red car’s door, petrol cap, locks and windscreen wipers glued down.

The police also appealed for the culprits - assumed to be kids messing about - to come forward and avoid a costly forensic investigation.

“Somebody has decided to damage the vehicle by super gluing the locks, petrol cap, doors, and wiper blades,” Kingsbridge Police wrote on Facebook.

Annoying crime - Kingsbridge Police on Facebook

“If anybody can help us into this investigation then please get in touch. The owner of the vehilce [sic] is a lovely person and we do not know the motive behind it.

“Pointless crimes like this can cause great upset, distress and inconvenience. If you are the person who did this then maybe get in touch so we can discuss your reasons behind it and save us the financial costs of a forensic investigation.”

The petrol cap was also glued shut - Kingsbridge Police on Facebook

In a later update, the police force added that an old St John’s Ambulance building had been broken into and “some superglue was stolen”.

“This is an appeal to parents. If your child came home with glue on them, or if their clothes have glue on them, please could you get in touch. Their honesty in coming forward could save them a whole lot of grief.

Even the windscreen wipers were glued - Kingsbridge Police on Facebook

“We all make mistakes, but it’s how we deal with those errors in judgement and take steps to rectify the situation that show our true character.”

Lead image: Helmut Meyer zur Capellen / imageBROKER/REX/Shutterstock