South Africa vs England, Fourth Test, day three: Live score and latest updates from Johannesburg

Luke Slater
Joe Root top-scored for England in their second innings with 58 - Getty Images Europe


Mark Wood's thoughts

On his five wicket haul and the change in his run up

I'm over the moon (with the wickets). I wish I'd changed my run up sooner...

I've lengthened it and since I've done that it's been a lot better. I've got a little bit more momentum, it takes a little bit of pressure off my body. Whereas off my short run, I felt like I had to force it. The days where I didn't quite feel it, I was still having to force it. It's been nice to take a load off and at times, feel my way in, but still bowl quickly. 

I was so stubborn to change my run up because it had worked for me up to a point. But if I was going to have to play more cricket or improve, I was going to have to change something. I just felt it was the right time for us to change. I I wish I had done it sooner but it's all in the past now.


Sensational Du Plessis catch wraps up England innings


Close - England second innings 248 all out - England lead South Africa by 465 runs

So then, South Africa will need 466 runs to win this Test. England, meanwhile, have a full two days to try and stop them doing so. Joe Root's valuable 58 anchored the innings for England after choosing not to enforce the follow on, while Sam Curran accelerated matters late on with a lively 35. And Mark Wood further boosted his batting average.

Just to reiterate the mountain South Africa have to climb, the 466 runs required to win would be a Test record chase. 

England's second innings scorecard


WICKET! Root c du Plessis b Hendricks 58 

That is a fine, fine catch to bring this England innings to an end. Superman-esque, du Plessis launches himself to his right in the gully and it sticks in the hand. A very good innings from Root while Hendricks gets a debut five-wicket haul.


OVER 61: ENG 248/9 (Root 58* Broad 1*)

Can Broad chip in with another valuable partnership as he did in the first innings? He flicks away on the leg side to get Root back on strike. Root, eyes wide, tries to go after Pretorius but it sails straight through to de Kock. Wowza! He gets it right second time round, middling it off the bat and absolutely launching the ball almost into the second tier of the stand at cow corner for six. Just a few minutes left of play, what can these two add to the total?


WICKET! Wood b Pretorius 18 

That's the end of the fun and games with Wood. He walks across his stumps, misses and his off stump is gone. A handy contribution nonetheless. Broad is coming out to meet Root in the middle.

FOW 240/9


OVER 60: ENG 239/8 (Root 50* Wood 18*)

Small pause in play as Root appears to have got something in his eye. The support staff are out and trying to wash the irritant out. All sorted.

Hendricks, chasing his five-fer, is clubbed straight to the boundary by Wood. The bowler, doing his best impression of being an all-rounder this series, is rightly happy with that. Root swings and misses. Wood might be inclined to have a cheeky quick word with his skip about that slot selection. Ah that's better. A beautiful pound through the covers before a single brings up Root's half century. That's his 48th career 50 and ninth against South Africa.


OVER 59: ENG 229/8 (Root 45* Wood 13*)

Pretorius with an early shout of lbw but there's a clear nick sound from Root. Next delivery goes harmlessly wide before Wood grabs a single with a thwack down the ground. Root's a lucky boy there, as a massive inside edge misses the stumps and rolls away through the gap at fine leg for three. Wood shows up his skipper with a much more assured shot, waiting, waiting and then calmly cutting to the boundary and then another swipe of the bat over second slip for another four. A single finishes off a highly productive over.

15 runs gleaned from that set of six, England lead by 446


OVER 58: ENG 214/8 (Root 41* Wood 3*)

Thanks Luke, hopefully some more late Wood fireworks with the bat to come. It's Root that tries to get creative with the ramp shot next but he gets his timings very badly wrong and it trickles instead of his leg for a leg bye. Mild shout of lbw. Then on the next, Wood does get bat on ball, hoicking over third man where it lands clear of du Plessis. 


OVER 57: ENG 209/8 (Root 40* Wood 0*)

The England lead is already at world record proportions. But what will it end up at? Root hasn't really teed off yet. Wood gets off the mark with a cut down to deep backward point. I'm going to hand over to Pippa Field to take you through the remaining 30 minutes or so. 


OVER 56: ENG 206/8 (Root 38* Wood 0*)

Two wickets in the over for Hendricks, who now has 4-50. Will England be bowling tonight?


WICKET! Woakes b Hendricks c de Kock 0

Chris Woakes doesn't last long. Two balls in fact. He inside edges a fairly low-bouncing delivery behind to de Kock. Oh well. Mark Wood next! FOW 206/8


WICKET! Curran b Hendricks c Paterson 35

Well, Curran won't be overtaking Root because he's out. He hooks it out towards fine leg who takes a comfortable catch in the shadows. He lived (played), and died (got out), by the sword (swishing bat). FOW 206/7


OVER 55: ENG 205/6 (Root 38* Curran 35*)

Curran brings up the 200 for England with a back foot punch through point for a single. Root quietly accumulating without successfully executing any real aggressive shots. Curran on 31 off 25 is a different matter, though. This time he charges down the wicket and flogs it to the long off boundary for four. He'll be overtaking Root, soon. 


OVER 54: ENG 198/6 (Root 36* Curran 30*) 

Curran crunches a four through long on, taking him to 27 off 20 balls. Stokes's cameo was good, but this one is a bit quicker currently. Root's trying it now...he goes for a ramp but doesn't connect before running a single down to deep backward point and keeping the strike. 


OVER 53: ENG 190/6 (Root 35* Curran 23*)

Mark Nicholas and Kevin Pietersen on commentary on Sky suggesting that England are playing for a declaration tonight. There is certainly intent out there from both Root and Curran, although Root mostly seems to be mistiming the attacking shots into his own body at the moment. 

Joe Root reels in pain after inside edging it onto his inside thigh Credit: REUTERS


OVER 52: ENG 186/6 (Root 33* Curran 21*)

Hendricks returns and bowls a short wide one which Curran lofts over towards midwicket for four. In the air for a long time but that wasn't a great first ball back. Joe Root is quietly accumulating runs, 33 off 66 and Curran is getting them at about a run a ball.

He gets another two with an outside edge through the gulley area, which is cut off just short of the boundary. Curran makes it a profitable over with a back foot punch through the covers, wide of the fielder for four more. England's lead is now over 400. 


OVER 51: ENG 176/6 (Root 33* Curran 11*)

Is that it for Buttler in the Test side?

In fairness, I think a break is what he may well be getting.  Paterson has bowled pretty well today, keeping it very tight with 13-1 off his 12.3 overs. Four singles off this one, though. 


OVER 50: ENG 172/6 (Root 31* Curran 9*)

There are a "minimum" of 23 overs remaining in the day but I doubt we will get them all in. It's difficult to get that many in when there have been precisely zero overs bowled by spinners in the match. Curran plays a superb shot on the up through the covers for four. Stand and deliver stuff, right out of the middle. Nortje dispatched. He gets a bit luckier next ball, top edging one over the top of the vacant third slip position. Four more, to the Ing-er-land. England lead by 389 runs. 


OVER 49: ENG 163/6 (Root 29* Curran 1*)

That's 18 wickets at 26.61 in this series for Nortje, easily SA's player of the series. The only other contender is probably de Kock for his 341 runs at 48.7 and four 50s. Sam Curran the next man in and on a king pair. He avoids that firstly and then secondly gets off the mark with a squirt through point for one. 


OVER 48: WICKET! Buttler b Nortje c de Kock 8

Is that Buttler's last innings for the Test team for a while? He outside edges a ball from Nortje behind to de Kock to end what has been a fairly miserable tour with the bat for him. England are in such a strong position that they are not throwing this away but it looks very much like SA's target will be closer to 400 than 500. FOW 160/6


OVER 47: ENG 157/5 (Root 27* Buttler 6*)

Just a single to Joe Root from Paterson's latest. 


OVER 46: ENG 156/5 (Root 26* Buttler 6*)

Buttler, in scratchy form at best, gets rapped on the pads from a back-nipper first ball. It's too high but Nortje was interested. Umpire says no. He's off the mark with two out to midwicket. Form is temporary and all that. Buttler gets four with a handsome drive through the covers off the back foot. 


WICKET! Pope b Nortje c de Kock 11

Pope turns one off middle and leg through mid wicket for four. But he's gone very next ball. It's a wide-ish one with extra bounce that Pope top edges behind to Quinton de Kock, trying to cut. That's 200 Test dismissals for Quinton de Kock. FOW 150/5


OVER 45: ENG 146/4 (Root 26* Pope 7*)

Two runs to Joe Root in that over. Again, I do wonder what a spinner would be doing on this pitch. I suspect being bunted out of the park in this innings...


OVER 44: ENG 144/4 (Root 24* Pope 7*)

Some extra pace here with Anrich Nortje returning. Pope single, dot, Root single, then a superbly timed four down the ground from Pope. Nortje was too full and his defensive prod runs away to the long on boundary. Ooh, he shows some intent to a wide one, gets a end and lands short of the slips. England's lead now 361. 


OVER 43: ENG 138/4 (Root 23* Pope 2*)

Just a single to Pope in that over. SA making progress into the England batting line-up but the lead is already too many, you'd say. 


OVER 42: ENG 137/4 (Root 22* Pope 1*)

Stokes ends the series with 318 runs at 45.42 with one ton and one 50. Decent. Pope comes in having already scored 255 runs this series at 127.5 with one hundred and two 50s in only five innings. What a winter he's had. Pope gets off the mark with a single off the final ball of the over.


WICKET! Stokes b Hendricks c van der Dussen 28

The Stokes cameo comes to an end. He goes for a huge drive outside off and it's a big edge to van der Dussen in the slips. 28 off 24 balls with a partnership of 44 injected a bit of urgency into the innings and took England's lead over 350. FOW 136/4


OVER 41: ENG 135/3 (Root 22* Stokes 28*)

Pretorius overpitches and Root dispatches the low full toss just forward of deep square leg for four. Root is still scoring at a handy strike rate of 54 runs per 100 balls but Stokes is going at 114. Bit of a mess as Stokes moves around the crease, looking for the ramp shot, decides not to play it, de Kock gets all in a tangle and it goes through everything for four byes. It gets worse for SA as Stokes thrases a four through cover point off the final ball. 13 runs off the over and England's lead stretches to 352. 

Ben Stokes shows intent Credit: AFP


OVER 40: ENG 122/3 (Root 17* Stokes 24*)

Stokes gets the big shot out again but his nine iron lands short of the green (boundary rope) this time and it's only two. Again he fetches one outside off and plays it through the onside for four, that really was crunched. Hendricks sends in a well-directed bouncer next and Stokes has to do very well to avoid it. 


OVER 39: ENG 115/3 (Root 16* Stokes 18*) 

No, Stokes is most definitely not messing around. A pair of boundaries played out to midwicket, the second of which was, again, from well outside the off stump. That takes him to 18 off 17. The partnership 23 runs. It took the Sibley/Root partnership about 13 overs to get there. 


OVER 38: ENG 107/3 (Root 16* Stokes 10*) 

Root gets four with an inside edge that just misses the stumps and runs away for four behind square on the leg side. He wasn't really on top of that one. Not at all. A single brings Stokes back on strike which, frankly, is what we all want. A shot a ball from now, maybe? Not quite. He caresses one through the covers for a single and to keep the strike. 

Ben Stokes attacked from early in his innings Credit: AFP


OVER 37: ENG 101/3 (Root 11* Stokes 9*) 

Ben Stokes's career average with the bat is a shade over 36 but these days he is an extraordinary batsman and an extraordinarily valuable one for England. In the 14 Tests since the start of last year he averages 48.31 with three hundreds. Not too shabby. 28 wickets at 33.25 isn't terrible, either, considering he's generally under bowled for England. 

Anyway, Stokes the batsman clips one outside of off through midwicket for four. It's a brilliant shot, astonishing almost. His next one is lofted over mid on without a full follow-through. Perhaps a nine-iron pitch. That goes to the boundary, too. Don't think Stokes is going to die wondering, here. He flashes at one down on one knee and misses. He may take a liking to these medium pacers. England's 100 up in that over and a lead of 318. 


OVER 36: ENG 93/3 (Root 11* Stokes 1*) 

Ben Stokes the next man in. Got out in an annoying way in the first innings without scoring too many. Stokes gets his first run off his second ball with a leading edge through point. England still considerably ahead of the game but it has been fairly sedate progress. 


WICKET! Sibley b Hendricks c 44

Argh. That was a poor way to get out. A push off a length ball goes straight into the hands of short midwicket and Sibley is furious with himself there, as he should be. That's an area he likes to score in but he hadn't been able to score too many there this innings. He's committed the cardinal sin as an opener - getting in and then getting out. FOW 92/3


OVER 35: ENG 90/2 (Sibley 43* Root 10*)

The Malan experiment has ended, then. Dwaine Pretorius continues from the other end. This is, it must be said, a very inexperienced SA bowling attack, especially with Philander off the field with a thigh strain after pulling up. He was off to the hospital having a scan, no word on that yet. Sibley pushes  through the covers for three. 

Vernon Philander left the field of play with a thigh strain Credit: AFP


OVER 34: ENG 87/2 (Sibley 40* Root 10*)

Hendricks to resume after tea.39 overs remaining, will we get them all in? If we do, say and England go at 2.7 runs an over they would add another 105 runs, taking their lead to 400. Going at 3.3 would take it to closer to 430. Barring two days of miraculous cricket, this is beyond South Africa. Root does his thing of playing at a wide one, too wide, really. Not hitting. Just a single to Sibley in the over. He moves into the 40s. 


TEA: ENG 86/2 lead SA by 303 runs 

Two wickets lost, a 50 opening partnership in that session. Not a particularly entertaining session but England are just going to bat into tomorrow if they can before even considering declaring. I think a 500 target and five sessions to bowl SA out will be their approximate aim. If they can get to 500 sooner than lunch tomorrow then even better. 

Dom Sibley was unbeaten on 39 at lunch Credit: AFP


OVER 33: ENG 86/2 (Sibley 39* Root 10*)

Sibley in this series so far has scored 320 runs at 64 with one century. Malan gets one to scuttle low under Joe Root's bat, which is a little concern to him batting but will mostly be encouraging for Root the captain when he has to marshal his bowlers in the fourth innings. Root plays a lovely late cut off the face of the bat through backward point for four. Plenty of time to do that with a bowler of the military medium pace of Malan. That's tea. 


OVER 32: ENG 82/2 (Sibley 39* Root 6*)

Sibley scampers a single after an attempted run out hits the stumps and runs between the field. He was beaten on his outside edge earlier in the over but moves steadily into the 40s. This partnership is a slow one - just 1.17rpo - with England in no rush. Why should they be? England lead by 299. 

England's Dom Sibley runs between the wickets Credit: AFP


OVER 31: ENG 81/2 (Sibley 39* Root 5*)

Well, Pieter Malan on to bowl. You have to love an opening batsman who bowls a bit. Right arm medium fast. 20 first class wickets at 22.7. Not sure he bowls much these days, though. Just a single from the over,  Joe Root moving to five with a single. 


OVER 30: ENG 80/2 (Sibley 39* Root 4*)

Three maidens all in a row, row, row. Sibley has a little go at one and is beaten on his outside edge by Paterson. Sibley has got a little stuck here. Just one run in the last 18 balls. 


OVER 29: ENG 80/2 (Sibley 39* Root 4*)

D Pat and D Pret bowling well in tandem here. It's a shame when bowlers get in positions like this, surely the enthusiasm dies a bit when they realise the general game situation? Still, I don't suppose these two are at the stage where bowling in - and taking wickets in - a Test match is likely to get boring. It's another maiden. 


OVER 28: ENG 80/2 (Sibley 39* Root 4*)

Tidy over from Paterson in the end, a maiden. 


SA review...

Not a big fan of Sibley's getting over to off stump and then trying to bludgeon it through leg. It's not elegant. He's only scored three of his 39 runs on the leg side, too, with 24 of them coming behind square on the off side. 

There's a big shout for a nick behind. Paterson bowls, thinks Sibley got an inside edge. Ump says no...and the replays show he's right, the ball narrowly missing the inside edge and hitting the batsman's trousers. SA lose a review, England are still two down. 


OVER 27: ENG 80/2 (Sibley 39* Root 4*)

Root off the mark with a tickle down the leg side for four. There is so much time left in this game there is no reason to think about a declaration or when to start having a blast. England will, ideally, want to score another 200 runs and then have five or so sessions to take 10 wickets. 44 overs left today. The innings run rate is decent enough, anyway. Might be worth letting Mark Wood have a dart, though...


OVER 26: ENG 75/2 (Sibley 38* Root 0*)

Zak Crawley ends the series with 163 runs in five innings at 32.6 with one fifty. Joe Denly ends it with 210 runs at 30 from seven innings with one fifty. Not massively impressive but neither terrible. Root sees off the rest of the over without scoring or alarm, getting solidly behind the ball. Paterson's first over back into the attack brings a reward. 


WICKET! Denly b Paterson 8

A fuller ball, comes back into Denly who inside edges it onto his pads and then onto middle stump! The bails fly off and England are two down. FOW 75/2


OVER 25: ENG 75/1 (Sibley 38* Denly 8*)

Just a single to each batsman in Pretorius's latest over. England slowly stretching their lead, though this partnership is going at 4.38 runs an over since it started. 


OVER 24: ENG 73/1 (Sibley 37* Denly 7*)

Denly gets off the mark tucking a full one off his pads for four through deep backward square leg. It didn't look that well timed but Nortje's pace probably helped. Nortje then overpitches slightly and Denly stands and delivers a superb drive between cover and mid off. Elgar half stopped it but it very nearly went to the boundary, with Beuran Hendricks the man who just about, it appears, stopped it. Or not, as the case may be. Four? No. It's just three.

A Sibley single off the final ball makes it a profitable over for England with nine runs. The lead has stretched to 290. 


OVER 23: ENG 64/1 (Sibley 35* Denly 0*)

A big shout for LBW on Denly but umpire says no and the slo-mo replay looked like it was going miles down leg. He was well forward and it hit above the knee roll. High and wide, then. Another maiden from wicket-taker Pretorius. 


OVER 22: ENG 64/1 (Sibley 35* Denly 0*)

Sibley has not looked all that comfortable in the last 20 minutes or so. Scratchy, you might say. And it continues here with a thick edge down to the third man boundary for four. A fortunate four is followed soon after by an emphatic one with a cover drive, firmly struck. Overpitched from Nortje and punished. England lead SA by 281 runs. 


OVER 21: ENG 56/1 (Sibley 27* Denly 0*)

Perhaps a bit of extra bounce there was well. South Africa have made the breakthrough but they are so far behind in this game. The reliable Joe Denly in at three. 


WICKET! Crawley b Pretorius c de Kock 24

Crawley absolutely nails a cover drive for four, lovely shot. He doesn't have long to admire it, though, as he's out the very next ball. Pretorius bowls one on a dangerous line and length that just moves away slightly and Crawley hangs his bat out there, it finds the edge and de Kock snaffles it behind. FOW 56/1


OVER 20: ENG 52/0 (Crawley 20* Sibley 27*)

Billy the Barmy Army bugler blows his final note. 

Anrich Nortje,who has been very good this series, returns with his express pace. Crawley gets a single to midwicket, the only run in the over. It has not been entirely without alarm for the openers but the batting conditions are ripe for run-making today and these two have started well. 


OVER 19: ENG 51/0 (Crawley 19* Sibley 27*)

Sibley gets lucky with another wide one that is in the air through backward point. The keeper can't get around and it's four more and the 50 partnership for these two. 

England's opening partnerships this series: 11, 92, 8, 28, 70, 107, 51*. That's the fourth in a row over 50 and the fourth  out of seven this series over that total, too. nice. 


OVER 18: ENG 46/0 (Crawley 18* Sibley 23*)

Crawley has his swivel-pull working very well. It's only a single this time but well hit and well played. Just as I say that, he mis-times one and it goes in the air but well short of the fielder there. He didn't really follow through with it, got through it too early there. 


OVER 17: ENG 43/0 (Crawley 16* Sibley 22*)

Crawley gets a single through cover. Sibley gets away with one, slashing at a wide-ish one through backward point, left to the left of the diving fielder there. Ooh, it runs away for four but that was a bit hairy. That's drinks. 


OVER 16: ENG 38/0 (Crawley 15* Sibley 18*)

Hendricks bowling well to Sibley here. Nothing hugely threatening but he is causing him a few problems with his left armers. Speaking from a purely below-village level of cricket that I play at, left armers coming from over the wicket to me, a right-handed batsman, I absolutely hate. So hard to even get away. And quite often you end up getting one in the thigh...or worse. I feel your pain, Dominic Sibley. Maiden. 


OVER 15: ENG 38/0 (Crawley 15* Sibley 18*)  

Dwaine Pretorius resumes. He beats Sibley with a bit of nip before Sibley keeps the strike with a single off the last ball. Steady stuff from England so far who are just gradually batting SA out of the game. 


OVER 14: ENG 36/0 (Crawley 14* Sibley 17*) 

Just a single to Crawley off Hendricks' latest over. England openers bedding themselves in. There'd have been a time when getting to 36 would have been a major achievement. Not so this tour. 


OVER 13: ENG 35/0 (Crawley 13* Sibley 17*)     

Good cricket all round! Well, apart from the delivery. Paterson bowls one which is pullable, Crawley absolutely nails it to midwicket where Petersen dives at full stretch to save two runs. Then comes a tickle down the leg side for four but it wasn't off the bat. Still, four more to the total. Crawley gets that jab pull out again, keeping the ball down and taking a single. 

Zak Crawley plays a shot Credit: AFP


OVER 12: ENG 28/0 (Crawley 10* Sibley 17*)      

Hendricks gets one to move away from Crawley, hitting his pocket on his back leg. He then gets the leading edge, or rather the shoulder of the bat. It pops up - Crawley was late on that one - but lands safe. Decent stuff from Hendricks here, on debut. Crawley gets into double figures with an easy single to deep square leg. 


OVER 11: ENG 27/0 (Crawley 9* Sibley 17*)          

Crawley tickles one to square-leg for a single, before Sibley leaves some wider, shorter deliveries from Paterson alone.

Here's Luke Slater to guide you through the rest of the session.


OVER 10: ENG 26/0 (Crawley 8* Sibley 17*)         

Quick single for Sibley through cover that threatens a run-out with a direct hit, but he was always safe. Crawley replies in kind with a flick of a single off the pads through square, before the shot of the morning from Sibley; a front-foot, kneeling flat-bat cover drive that sees the ball steam to the boundary.

South Africa's fielders, wisely, do not bother chasing.

Sibley then picks up two more with a mis-field at point; a mix-up between Petersen and Bavuma.


OVER 9: ENG 18/0 (Crawley 7* Sibley 10*)        

The umpires have decided that the ball has swollen so much that it warrants a change, so South Africa will get what looks like a brand new ball after just 9 overs.

Crawley throws everything at a short, wide delivery but gets nothing on it. That was really rash attempted hoick.

Crawley's got some juicy cherry marks on the outside edge of that bat, but thankfully they were not added to there.

Hendricks is coming on for Nortje.


OVER 8: ENG 18/0 (Crawley 7* Sibley 10*)       

Nortje gets one to squirt up at Crawley, who can only manage an edge off the shoulder of the bat, stealing a single through square leg.

Sibley opens the face, attempting to drive through cover, but a thick edge ends in a slice down to the third-man boundary for four. 

As it stands, Philander has conceded exactly 5,000 runs in Test cricket, incidentally.


OVER 7: ENG 13/0 (Crawley 6* Sibley 6*)      

A maiden from Paterson, all tight outside off-stump and some slight movement away from the right-hander.

South Africa bowling well here, but no tangible reward as of yet.


OVER 6: ENG 13/0 (Crawley 6* Sibley 6*)     

Sibley looks slightly off-kilter, playing down the wrong line first and then edging the next. 

A fuller delivery from Nortje requires some pad work from Sibley, who ushers it for a leg-bye.


OVER 5: ENG 12/0 (Crawley 6* Sibley 6*)    

Paterson opens with a corker! Lots of pace, right in the slot, just outside off, and Sibley is beaten as he attempts to defend.

The next one is too straight, however, allowing Sibley to prod it into the on side for one.

Paterson gets one to sail past Crawley's bat, too. A really good over.


OVER 4: ENG 11/0 (Crawley 6* Sibley 5*)   

Crawley stabs a wide one to the slips in pretty unorthodox fashion, bouncing en route. It's tidied up well but there's a huge cheer from the crowd - I think they missed the bounce and thought Nortje had got his man.

No doubts over the next shot though; Crawley swiping a short ball from Nortje off his hips for four through midwicket. That flew.


OVER 3: ENG 7/0 (Crawley 2* Sibley 5*)  

Crawley stabs a single to cover to open.

Philander seems to be in some discomfort, pulling up after his follow-through - hamstring? This is his final Test, too, let's hope he can get it sorted.

He's leaving the field mid-over to go and get it assessed with Paterson taking over, and he gets one to nip back at Sibley, crashing into his pad. It was far too high, but encouraging for South Africa.


OVER 2: ENG 6/0 (Crawley 1* Sibley 5*) 

Nortje opens from the other end with three slips and a gully but Sibley, like his partner down the other end, is happy to leave a couple of wider ones alone.

Sibley gets off the mark with a swift single to mid-off. It was very quick - a direct hit might have been close!

Crawley, too, opens his account with a quick single into the leg side, before Sibley picks up four with a leading outside edge down to third man.


OVER 1: ENG 0/0 (Crawley 0* Sibley 0*)

A bit of early movement away from the right-hander for 'Big Vern' as the Barmy Army's rendition of Jerusalem finishes.

Crawley remains patient, and is happy to leave alone a flurry of deliveries. A maiden to start.


England to bat

Yep, as expected, no follow-on.

Philander to open for South Africa,


Still no news on the follow-on decision...

...which means you'd assume England will not be enforcing it and will be coming out for a bat.


More on Mark Wood

Since the start of 2019, when he came back into the side, Mark Wood's average is 41.5 with the bat and 14.4 with the ball.

A veritable Jacques Kallis!


Mark Wood's pace


LUNCH: SA 183ao trail England by 217 runs

So that's lunch and the follow-on is an option for England. Will they enforce it? I doubt it...I'll hand you over to Charles Richardson, who will take you through the first passage of play after lunch. 


WICKET! Paterson b Wood c Buttler 4

Paterson gets a four with a huge flash through the slip cordon for four. He tries the same again but this time it's a big edge that Buttler takes behind the stumps. Five-fer for Wood! Brilliant. 183ao


OVER 68: SA 179/9 (Hendricks 5* Paterson 0*)

Stokes looking dangerous still, especially to numbers 10 and 11 here. Left-hander Hendricks gets an edge through the gulley for four. Lunch has been delayed, by the way, with England being granted an extra half hour to finish off the innings. 


OVER 67: SA 174/9 (Hendricks 1* Paterson 0*) 

A decent innings from de Kock comes to an end. One brings two for England. 


WICKET! De Kock b Wood 76

Mark Woodis brought back on with the fall of that wicket. De Kock, now batting with a genuine tailender will inevitably start to play his shots. He has a go at a pull first ball, nails it but there's a man on the midwicket boundary.  Hendricks gets off the mark with a single which brings de Kock back on strike...

He doesn't last long, though, being castled by Mark Wood with a quick delivery that bursts through his defences. Well, it wasn't a defensive shot, it was pretty punch. It nips the bails and breaks it in the process. Four wickets for Wood! FOW 174/9


OVER 66: SA 172/8 (de Kock 66* Hendricks 0*) 

That ends a profitable partnership of 79 from those two. Decent innings from Pretorius. 


WICKET! Pretorius b Stokes c Crawley 37

De Kock has a bit of fun and fortune earlier in the over, a lovely cut and a lucky one getting him eight runs with two boundaries. I said Stokes looked the most dangerous bowler out there and so it proves. He gets one to stick in the surface to Pretorius back of a length, who plays it with a thick leading edge it to Crawley at gulley. The tall opener takes a reasonably difficult catch diving forward. England get a breakthrough just before lunch. FOW 172/8


OVER 65: SA 162/7 (de Kock 66* Pretorius 37*) 

We are approaching the lunch break. England have created few chances this session with every seamer having a few overs at least. Stokes has probably been the most threatening the most recently. Could be time for Root or Denly to have one or two before the break but England really should have played a proper spinner here. Mind you, SA dropped Maharaj. A single from Woakes's latest. 


OVER 64: SA 162/7 (de Kock 65* Pretorius 37*)

England have asked to have the ball changed several times and finally their wish is granted. Will it bring about a change of luck? We might find out if Stokes can nip one out. He beats the edge of Pretorius with one angling in then moving away, Stokes shouts...England consider a review but not for very long. Pretorius isn't too bothered by it, though, as he punches the fifth ball of the over through the long on boundary for four. He's batted nicely today and this is now his highest score in Tests. 


OVER 63: SA 158/7 (de Kock 65* Pretorius 33*)

De Kock vs Woakes. Cover drive, well timed. Ball vs Mark Wood. Ball beats Wood to boundary rope. Four runs for De Kock through cover. Again. 

Quinton de Kock drives Credit: AFP


OVER 62: SA 153/7 (de Kock 61* Pretorius 32*)

A bit of variation comes with Ben Stokes, who has a knack of taking wickets, you might say. In fact, he's taken 144 of them in his 63 matches so far. That's quite a habit he has. He gets some lovely shape coming across the left-handed de Kock. He gets a bit of extra bounce off a length and beats the bat twice. A single to each batsman off the over. 


OVER 61: SA 151/7 (de Kock 60* Pretorius 31*)

Woakes does what Woakes does and delivers a maiden without much to hit. Would be good to have a frontline spinner now.........


OVER 60: SA 151/7 (de Kock 60* Pretorius 31*)

Again, de Kock profits from an overpitched delivery outside off. He throws his arms at a cover drive and it's another four, his eighth of the innings. Lovely shot and that's his 19th run through that area today. 


OVER 59: SA 146/7 (de Kock 55* Pretorius 30*)

An inside edge gets de Kock a couple and brings up the 50 run partnership, the only of the innings so far. Another couple off the remainder of the over. Both batters look pretty comfortable out there at the moment. Going at 3.24 runs an over. 


England review...

Woakes thinks he has de Kock LBW. He leaves a ball on length but it raps him on the top of the pad. Umpire said not out. I can't see this being out. It's not. It's going over, England lose a review. 


OVER 58: SA 142/7 (de Kock 53* Pretorius 29*)

The runs have been drying up, though. Just one run in the last 18 balls. That is until Pretorius unleashes arguably the shot of the day, another cracking cover drive to an overpitched Curran delivery. Head over the ball, arms through it, a little follow through. Superb. 

Dwaine Pretorius drives Credit: REUTERS


OVER 57: SA 138/7 (de Kock 53* Pretorius 25*)

Woakes, the man to take the early wicket today, replaces Broad. His first over back is a maiden. 


OVER 56: SA 138/7 (de Kock 53* Pretorius 25*)

It's fair to say that the atmosphere out there is a bit flat at the moment. More akin to a County Championship game at the back end of May than it is a Test match. It was quite lively yesterday. This partnership is approaching 50 now and England have not caused them too many problems since Philander departed. Not so much England's fault, though, there's not much in this pitch. One run from Curran's next over and that's drinks. 


De Kock's 50


OVER 55: SA 136/7 (de Kock 52* Pretorius 25*)

Broad still on and still bowling well. Pretorius looks keen to get on with it this over, flashing wildly at a wide one but making no contact. He did similar with a pull shot earlier on in this over. Just the single off the over from Broad, who is going at 1.92rpo. No wickets for him yet. 


OVER 54: SA 136/7 (de Kock 51* Pretorius 25*)

Curran pushes a ball across the bows of Pretorius, who plays it with an open face, running it down in the gulley region for four. Nothing much to hit in the remainder of the over until Curran beats the edge off the final Ball.  Just that four from it. The pitch looks a good one currently. 


OVER 53: SA 132/7 (de Kock 51* Pretorius 21*)

De Kock has played the cover drive beautifully today and another push through that region for two off Broad brings him to his 50 off 72 balls. He's scored nearly 30 per cent of his runs in that area. Scyld Berry, one of our men at the ground, has said that it's inconceivable that England won't bat again. A perfect batting day. 


OVER 52: SA 130/7 (de Kock 49* Pretorius 21*)

The man with the golden arm, Sam Curran, returns. A strangled shout for LBW early on but Pretorius middled it onto his pads and the bowler was the only one interested. A maiden from Curran slows the scoring rate a little, which was needed. 


OVER 51: SA 130/7 (de Kock 49* Pretorius 21*)

Broad has been good so far today, not giving much away. A misfield, of sorts, of his own bowling gives Pretorius a single with a nice punch down the ground. 

Stuart Broad bowls Credit: AFP


OVER 50: SA 128/7 (de Kock 48* Pretorius 20*)

De Kock is always going to be dangerous. Wood plays a bouncer and the keeper/batsman lifts one over the slips with an open face. The next ball is thrashed through the covers but there is a man on the boundary for that shot, so it's only a (very good) one. Five from the over and de Kock approaching his 50. 


OVER 49: SA 123/7 (de Kock 43* Pretorius 20*)

Pretorius gets a thick outside edge wide of gulley and it runs away on this rapid outfield. Four more and he moves into the 20s. This 30 run partnership is the highest of the innings. A damning indictment on a pitch that is pretty decent for batting still. They are going at a good lick, too. 4.73 runs an over. England went at four in their entire first innings. 


OVER 48: SA 119/7 (de Kock 43* Pretorius 16*)

Decent over from Wood but de Kock gets an edge through the slips for four. Would have been a third slip catch but there wasn't one there. Stokes couldn't quite get there, diving to his left. Probably would have carried, too. Nice from Wood. 


OVER 47: SA 113/7 (de Kock 37* Pretorius 16*)

Broad replaces Woakes and immediately gets an outside edge but it falls short of first slip and De Kock survives. The pitch still looks decent, Pretorius cracking his third boundary of his innings with another cover drive for four. England have got an early wicket but there are runs there for SA, too. 


OVER 46: SA 108/7 (de Kock 36* Pretorius 12 *)

De Kock, who is South Africa's best hope of avoiding the follow-on target here, plays a lovely cover drive for three. Not quite quick enough to beat the fielder to the boundary but still, nice shot. Wood overpitches to Pretorius and he's punished with a cracking cover drive for a boundary four. 


OVER 45: SA 100/7 (de Kock 33* Pretorius 7*)

Pretorius plays a lovely off drive for four down the ground. Superb shot. A man with five FC centuries and an average of 37.5 coming in at nine. Okay. Another single brings up SA's 100. 


OVER 44: SA 95/7 (de Kock 33* Pretorius 2*)

Mark Wood starts his day off with a maiden. 


OVER 43: SA 95/7 (de Kock 33* Pretorius 2*)

Pretorius gets off the mark with two first ball. England make inroads early on. 


WICKET! Philander b Woakes c Broad 4

Woakes gets a wicket in the first over of the day. Sort of length-ish ball, Philander gets through a push on the leg side too early and top edges it well into the air for Stuart Broad to take the simplest of simple catches. FOW 93/7


Chris Woakes to resume

Bowled well yesterday. 


Love this photo

Anrich Nortje got a taste of his own medicine when he copped a bit of short stuff yesterday, including this one from a Ben Stokes delivery. 

Anrich Nortje takes evasive action  Credit: AP


It's a bit sunnier at the Wanderers today

So we should be able to get play to start on time. Which is in about 20 minutes. 

England in training Credit: AFP


Scyld Berry's verdict on day two: England's series success will be a hollow one with South African cricket on its knees

The effect of Kolpakitis was brutally illustrated in the middle session of day two here when England’s 10th-wicket pair, Mark Wood and Stuart Broad, slogged 82 runs off just 51 balls. In the previous Test at Port Elizabeth, South Africa’s 10th-wicket partnership had been equally frolicsome, but the match was dead in that the result had already been decided – in England’s favour by an innings – whereas it was very much alive when Broad joined Wood at 318 for nine

Read Scyld's full verdict here.  


Mark Wood takes his third wicket yesterday

What with a swashbuckling 35 not out, I'd say he was fairly delighted with his day's work. 


Good morning

Welcome to our coverage for day three of the fourth Test between South Africa and England at The Wanderers. If the first day's play was marginally in England's favour, then day two was comprehensively the host's. Yes, there were some dodgy moments like losing three middle-order wickets in the space of five overs to fall to seven down for not much more than 270, but South Africa were left so utterly out of the game on Saturday that it is difficult to see them getting anything from this game. 3-1 to England is now by far the most likely result in the series. 

With England nine down for little more than 300, 350 looked a distant target but a hard-hitting quickfire partnership of 82 between Mark Wood (35*) and Stuart Broad (43) at nearly 9.5 runs an over took England to 400 and left South Africa chasing their tails for much of the final 40 minutes. The home side's bowling was too predictable, too short and too hittable in that period. And England took great advantage of this. 

When SA's openers came out they fought hard to get to tea without loss. Dean Elgar and Pieter Malan stuck in there but didn't really advance the scoring. First came one, then two and three. Then four, five and six. Wood was the destroyer on this occasion, with three wickets (including one at 94.5mph) but Curran, Stokes and Woakes all chipped in to leave SA 88-6 at the close of play, some 312 runs behind England's first innings total.

The chances of them not reaching the follow-on target on for the second time in two Test matches is pretty high.  South Africa are already down but there may be more pain inflicted on them today from the England bowlers. Or, perhaps, they could show the fight that they have had at various points in the series. Either way, it looks to be a difficult day for them.