Spa of the week: Six Senses Kaplankaya, Turkey

Danielle Copperman

Set on the Aegean, just north of Bodrum, you'll be hit with an enormous sense of wellbeing before you even step into the spa at Six Senses Kaplankaya.

Fresh ocean air, warm weather, food made almost entirely from produce grown in the resort's own gardens and untouched nature for miles are enough to calm the mind, nourish the body, and get the vitamin and mineral-rich oxygen flowing.

If you’re after a stronger wellness hit, you will find exactly the thing at the Six Senses Wellness Centre, all with the guidance and support of in-house and visiting practitioners from around the world.

Famous for:

The wellness centre at Six Senses Kaplankaya is one of the biggest in Europe and is built around a variety of theories and practices. From clinical and scientific methods, to more Eastern and spiritual approaches, they understand that each one of us is different, and that each individual should be observed holistically and treated in an entirely personalised way.

Inside the Six Senses Wellness Centre (Danielle Copperman)

The resort offers wellness screenings and ‘bodpods’ which take a detailed snapshot of your current health and composition – do this on the day you arrive so that you can spend the following days enjoying the most relevant areas of the resorts programmes and treatments.

After your wellness screening, you can choose to embark on whichever one of the resort’s pre-designed packages or programmes fits your needs, or you can choose to design your own unique schedule.

The programmes include mental detoxes, focuses on sleep and eating with six senses. Each program offers a selection of different results; some are more psychological, and others are solely food-oriented. Depending on what you need and how you want to spend your time at Six Senses (you may prefer to holiday rather than do a detox, or to combine both in a more relaxed and flexible way), you can choose what is right for you with the support of some of the world’s most renowned practitioners to guide you.

The treatments:

For those looking to detox...

For an intensive program and a wholly detoxifying experience, you can enjoy tailored menus which offer options designed with specific results in mind. These results include better sleep, better digestion, general healthiness or detoxing and weight loss, along with daily exercise classes or one-to-one sessions. For deeper work, the spa treatments and entire spa area (complete with hydrotherapy, salt rooms and Hammam) are there to enjoy at your leisure.

Practitioners are also on hand, offering things like deep tissue massage and body scrubs for physical detoxing, as well as more spiritual treatments which help to unblock negative or stagnant energy and to encourage positivity and a sense of clarity and happiness.

Focus on food at Six Senses Kaplankaya (Danielle Copperman)

For those looking to cleanse...

To enjoy the indulgences of the hotel, you might not choose to follow a set diet and you might not want to workout at all, but you can book in for things like one-off classes (perhaps the gentler options like yoga and Pilates), along with massages and other treatments. You can also opt for activities that feel more like a good time than exercise, such as swimming (in one of their pools or the crystal-clear ocean), water sports (like their catamaran-bicycles), local walks and hikes, cycling and classes like zumba. You’ll also find healthy options in all of the hotels restaurants, so if you want a salad or a green juice while also enjoying some wine and dessert, you can have it all.

For those looking for enlightenment...

From energy healing, such as sound baths, reiki , watzu and shiatsu, to meditation, chakra aligning and ayurvedic massage, Six Senses Kaplankaya offers guests the option to embark on a deep journey into the self with all kinds of treatments and therapies to encourage relaxation, clarity and positivity.

The resort also runs workshops and, as part of certain programmes, supplies gratitude notebooks to encourage journaling and writing down whatever comes up during treatments or during your stay. If you want to go even further, some practitioners offer training for certain treatments, such as reiki, in case you want to learn the tools to practice on yourself (or others) in future.

Danielle Copperman at Six Senses Kaplankaya (Danielle Copperman)


There is without a doubt something for everybody at Six Senses Kaplankaya. Whether you want to do some deep detoxifying and self-development or prefer some serious relaxation with a side of green juice or yoga every now and then.

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