Special SMOKED rice: Disgusted diner finds cigarette butt in Chinese takeaway

Tracy Antoine's stomach turned when she dug into her Chinese takeaway rice dish and found the smouldering cigarette end

A sickened takeaway customer has described how she cooked her meal in the microwave before finding a cigarette end in the food.

Tracy Antoine's family five ate most of their Chinese takeaway before she made the grim find while reheating the food the next day.

When Tracy, 32, reheated a bowl in the microwave she was overcome by a strong smell of smoke.

She initially thought the fumes were caused by the newness of the microwave which she had bought a few days earlier.

She went to feed the rice to her one year-old daughter - and found the discarded fag end smouldering in the middle.

The mother-of-four immediately complained to the Mao Buffet restaurant in Chatham, Kent where she bought the £32 meal and they have apologised and refunded her.

Tracy said that when she first complained to the restaurant, apologetic bosses said a chef had been 'disciplined' over the blunder.

The Chinese restaurant responsible for Tracy's meal have since apologised and refunded her. (SWNS)The full-time mum, married to husband Jeffrey, 35, said the cigarette end must've come from the restaurant as none of her family smoke.

She said: 'I was disgusted. We’ve had takeaways from there before and never had any problems.

'We'd got a few different things because we were really tired and just wanted an easy meal.

'It's something we do maybe once a month and in the end a lot of it went in the fridge for later in the week.

'When I began to heat it up the place immediately reeked of smoke but I just put it down to a faulty microwave.

'Me and my daughter must have had seven or eight spoonfuls before I found the cigarette butt.

'I was very angry and very worried because my baby could have put it in her mouth.

'I won't be ordering from there again and I don't think we will have takeaway again. I think it is best to stick to home cooking from now on.'

Tracy has now reported the incident to Medway Council’s environmental health team who are investigating.

Yin Hoang, director of the restaurant, said all meals were prepared fresh and kitchen staff are adamant no one was smoking in the kitchen on that night.

She said: 'I'm 100 per cent sure there was no tobacco in the meal.'