Is this the UK's priciest pint? London pub starts selling beer for £22.50

Alesmith’s Speedway Stout is the UK’s most expensive draft pint (Picture: SWNS)

Whose turn is it to get a round in?

You might not want to be fishing out your wallet if someone in your party orders a Speedway Stout.

A pint of this beer will cost you an eye-watering and bank balance-shredding £22.50.

Not surprisingly, the costly beverage is being sold in a trendy part of east London.

The Speedway Stout costs more than five times the average beer and is on sale at The Craft Beer Co pub in Old Street.

More expensive per millilitre than Belvedere vodka, Speedway packs quite a punch with 12% alcohol by volume.

And for more than £20, you get a beer taste that is a little different to your average pint – Speedway Stout is coffee-flavoured and has a syrupy feel.

The beer is brewed in the US and contains Blue Mountain coffee from Hawaii.


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If you want to taste it and would like to get change back from a £20 note, pub-goers can buy a third of a pint for the “bargain” price of £7.50.

A worker in London’s City who tried the drink, and who asked not to be named, told The Times: “That’s a nice pint.

“I wouldn’t mind splashing out on one if it were a special occasion or something. But I can’t imagine anybody spending an afternoon sinking beer that’s more expensive than my mortgage.”

The Craft Beer Co’s pub in Old Street, east London, which sells the expensive pint (Picture: SWNS)

Another drinker was less impressed.

They said: “It looks delicious, but it’s too busy. It tastes like an old blanket.

“For me, the coffee doesn’t really do much to the pint but makes it taste like it’s been poured into a dirty glass.

“It looks like Guinness but tastes like regret.”

Martin Hayes, managing director of The Craft Beer Co, said many drinkers come into the pub after work and order the smaller measures of the expensive beer.