Spelthorne General Election candidates 2024 vying to get your vote

-Credit: (Image: Handout)
-Credit: (Image: Handout)

Traditionally a safe Conservative seat, this could be the most interesting election Spelthorne has had in years. The former MP Kwasi Kwarteng announced he was stepping down in February this year having represented the constituency since 2010.

Six candidates are looking to secure their first term as MP for Spelthorne. Hoping to hold onto Mr Kwarteng’s 18,000 majority is Conservative candidate Lincoln Jopp. Also eyeing up the seat is Harry Boparai from the Liberal Democrats, Labour's Claire Tighe and Reform UK's Rory O’Brien are leading a strong campaign with the Green's Manu Singh and Social Democratic Party's Alistair Miller also in the mix. You can see how the candidates are faring according to the latest polls, produced by Ipsos, here.

The Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS) gave every candidate 100 words to pitch why you should vote for them. The candidates are below, in alphabetical order by surname.

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Harry Boparai, Liberal Democrats

Harry Boparai is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Spelthorne. (Credit: Harry Boparai)
Harry Boparai is the Liberal Democrat general election candidate for Spelthorne -Credit:Harry Boparai

Harry said: "I want to be the first MP for Spelthorne who actually lives in the constituency. I work at Heathrow and have lived in Spelthorne with my wife, three children and dog Penny for 13 years. As a Spelthorne Borough and Surrey County Councillor I have been able to resolve many issues with the support of local residents, but some issues require intervention by the MP. That is what prompted me to stand for parliament. Spelthorne needs a local champion. My three priorities if elected will be to address the cost of living crisis, save the NHS & clean up our waterways."

Lincoln Jopp, Conservative

Lincoln Jopp as Conservative candidate for Spelthorne. (Credit: Conservative Party)
Lincoln Jopp is Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate for Spelthorne -Credit:Conservative Party

Lincoln is a highly decorated former career soldier with 10 years’ experience in business. Married to Caroline, they have three grown-up children; two in work, one at university. Lincoln is standing to promote the interests of Spelthorne people whom he describes as among the most hard-working in the country. He is standing on the values of integrity, empathy and lots of life experience in order to restore more trust in politics. Lincoln volunteers at a homeless shelter and delivers ‘meals on wheels’ through Age UK every Christmas Day. He also actively supports wildlife and veterans charities at home and abroad.

Alistair Miller, Social Democratic Party

Alistair Miller is the Social Democratic Candidate. (Credit: Alistair Miller)
Alistair Miller is the Social Democratic prospective parliamentary candidate for Spelthorne -Credit:Alistair Miller

Alistair is married with two teenage children and lives in Sunbury, teaching maths and science at a local school. His interest in preparing young people for fulfilling lives led him to research at the Institute of Education and write a book on liberal education. He is a regular contributor to The Salisbury Review, the quarterly magazine of conservative thought. His pastimes include gardening, military history, and kicking a ball around with his youngest, who keeps goal for a local team. He is standing for the SDP because it promotes genuine conservative values centred on family, community and nation.

Rory O’Brien, Reform UK

Rory O'Brien is the Reform UK candidate for Spelthorne. (Credit: Rory O'Brien/Reform UK)
Rory O'Brien is the Reform UK candidate for Spelthorne -Credit:Rory O'Brien/Reform UK

Rory said: "After consistent Tory representation for the past 70+ years, I’m making strong in-roads within the constituency I’ve called home, these last 15 years. I’m standing for Reform UK because I’ve had enough of the mediocre representation and duopoly of politics that has led us to where we are today. Firmly believing in a return to the values of 'small government', providing oversight whilst promoting free expression, freedom of movement, freedom of choice, and free-market principles. From a strong project management and agile delivery background, I’m a positive disruptor to the tired and failing group-think of Westminster."

Manu Singh, Green

Manu Singh is the Green Party candidate for Spelthorne. (Credit: Manu Singh/Green Party)
Manu Singh is the Green Party candidate for Spelthorne -Credit: Manu Singh/Green Party

Manu Singh is a neuroscientist and completed his post-graduation from King's College London. His exceptional interest in local, national and Geopolitical interest led him to join the Green Party. Manu has been working with international companies such as AstraZeneca and Stemcell Technologies, and locally working with Spelthorne council regarding emission policies. Manu strongly believes that the Green Party is the answer to our future environment, NHS and nationalising water and train services. It's important to stop pollution from treated and untreated waste to run-off into the rivers. Standing with the Green Party means healthier and greener futures.

Claire Tighe, Labour

Claire Tighe is the Labour candidate for Spelthorne. (Credit: Claire Tighe/Labour)
Claire Tighe is the Labour prospective parliamentary candidate for Spelthorne -Credit:Claire Tighe/Labour

Claire said: "I'm honoured to be Labour's candidate on 4 July. After 14 years of chaos, Britain needs change. It’s not just about wanting change, we must be part of making it happen. Spelthorne needs an MP with skills and experience to represent you and deliver, on the national stage.

"As a councillor, I see first-hand the devastating effect of Conservative policies on families, the cost-of-living and mortgages. Working with a Labour government I'll strive for safer streets, better schools, economic stability and an improving NHS. I'll be an MP who engages, and delivers for everyone in Spelthorne, especially women and girls."

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