Stacey Solomon hits back at trolls as she defends 'alternative family set ups'

Amy West
Stacey Solomon took to Instagram to defend 'alternative family set-ups' after being trolled by negative comments on social media (Instagram)

Stacey Solomon has hit back at trolls who were leaving negative comments on her social media posts, as she defends “alternative family set-ups.”

The Loose Women star took to Instagram on Thursday 22 August to share that her sons Zachary, 11, and Leighton, 7, were gearing up to spend some of the summer holiday break with their fathers.

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Alongside a photograph of the two boys cuddling, Solomon explained that they’ve “stopped bickering and have been really soppy knowing that they’re about to go off on their adventures.”

She went on add that this year seems extra hard for them as it means that they have to say goodbye to their new baby brother Rex for a short period.

“It’s always hard to split them up, but its so important for them to spend special time and make memories with the rest of their families,” the 29-year-old clarified, before saying that she’s received some mean-spirited comments about her three sons all having different fathers.

“No matter what negative, unhelpful things people may say or think, ignore it because they’re wrong,” she said, passionately.

“Don’t ever let it get you down. It doesn’t define you or your family. The boys’ brotherly bond is just as strong as any other regardless of our set up - and the decisions I’ve made have made us stronger as a family.

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“I used to really beat myself up about not being able to offer them a ‘normal, perfect’ family all under one roof. Until I realised how normal, and perfect our family is for us.

“Seeing the way they are together reminds me that it’s all ok,” Solomon continued. “Families come in all shapes and sizes and what’s important is that the love is there no matter where it comes from.

“We are not a ‘broken family’ in any way shape or form, we are an extended family. And everyone loves an extension.”

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