Stacey Solomon shares 'hidden' oven button that makes banishing grease stains 'easier'

Women's hands in gloves with a microfiber cleaning cloth clean the oven door from the inside. Cleaning the kitchen concept
Stacey Solomon's oven cleaning hack slides grease right off -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

Stacey Solomon, in the latest episode of her BBC One show 'Sort Your Life Out', has shown fans an easily overlooked button on their ovens that could make cleaning a breeze.

In the sixth instalment of the second series, Stacey and the team venture to Huntingdon to help Ron and Toyah declutter their home.

Their issues began when they downsized after relocating from America, bringing with them a houseful of possessions.

Ron explained: "This home is half the size of our home in the States. With a larger home, you have less clutter."

His wife, Toyah, added: "But when it all came over here, we couldn't fit the stuff in the house."

Whilst tackling the clutter crisis, house guru Iwan Carrington divulged a secret for simpler oven upkeep - particularly useful considering the state of the family's cooker, caused by Ron's love for grilling meat, reports the Mirror.

Iwan introduced viewers to the hidden clips located beneath the glass door panel, saying: "Often, the glass panel here will clip off. This glass just lifts up and out."

The expert began by placing the panel on a secure surface and then vigorously applied an abrasive all-purpose cleaning paste onto the glass using a cloth. Iwan then brandished his trusty scraper, remarking: "If you hold the tool at an angle to the glass, it won't scratch the glass but it will scrape off all the burns, grease and grime."

Following some determined scrubbing, Iwan succeeded in removing all the accumulated dirt from the appliance.

He joked: "I can see straight through it now. Do I look like I'm on television? They are never going to burn their turkey at Thanksgiving now."

But Iwan didn't stop there with his oven-cleaning spree; he proceeded to use the scraper to tackle the grime at the bottom of the oven, describing the task as "satisfying".

Brandishing an oven liner, he advised: "You can also pick up liners like this at the shops, which you pop at the bottom of the oven and that's going to make cleaning next time a whole lot easier."

Further into the show, Iwan divulged a nifty tip for banishing strong smells from trainers. He suggested: "If your trainers are a bit smelly, take the insoles out and put them in freezer bags. You could use a plastic carrier bag as well."

He explained: "Freezing them will actually kill all the bacteria and that's going to stop them smelling."

For best results, it is suggested to leave the insoles in the freezer for about 24 to 48 hours.

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