Stacey Solomon shares 'painful' scar on stomach after accident at Pickle Cottage

Stacey Solomon
Stacey Solomon revealed she had hurt herself while making bread -Credit:Stacey Solomon Instagram

Stacey Solomon has shared a large scar on stomach after she was burnt in an accident at Pickle Cottage. The mum-of-five explained how she had hurt herself while making bread at home in her kitchen.

Stacey revealed she had just got home from the gym so was wearing a crop top when she touched her stomach to the grill rack in the oven. She revealed she was in pain every time she bent down and the wound was still stinging hours later as she asked for advice from fans to prevent scarring in the future.

Stacey, 34, said in a video on Instagram: "Need your help and guidance. I burnt myself this morning. Basically I was making bread. Who do I think I am? And I'd just been to the gym, come back in the house, was making bread, put it in the oven.

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"Went to pull it out and pulled too far and where I was wearing my gym kit it went straight into into my stomach. I don't know if anyone else's brain is like this. It never registers burns like it does any other pain.

Stacey's scar on her stomach
Stacey's scar on her stomach -Credit:Stacey Solomon Instagram

"So it went into my stomach and I was like 'Is that hot? Should that be hot? Should it be hurting? Ow'...Like I had a whole thought process before ow and I pushed it away quickly, got something cool on it, put some burns cream on it, dressed it and I've just literally opened it up and I'm like what have I done?

"So if you've got any good tips for things to put on burns so they don't scar for the future or reduce scarring and how to reduce the stinginess of it. That would be really helpful.

"Right on the blooming crease of my tummy as well. So every time I bend down I'm like oooh [making a pained face]."

Stacey then shared a picture of the scar and joked she hoped it would look like extra abs in the future.