Stacey Solomon praised as 'wonderful human' in most emotional Sort Your Life Out yet

Stacey Solomon in Sort Your Life Out. (BBC)
Stacey Solomon in Sort Your Life Out. (BBC)

Stacey Solomon fans have praised the TV star for her sensitivity in dealing with the most emotional episode of Sort Your Life Out yet.

The BBC One show sees Solomon and her team of organisation experts help people whose homes have become overwhelmed by belongings to reduce the amount of things they own and rearrange their rooms to keep things tidier.

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In Wednesday's episode, she met a family who had lost a beloved mum to COVID in 2020, leading to the three children's aunt, uncle and cousin moving in with them so that they could stay in their family home.

They were struggling to find places for six people's belongings, as well as the sadness of having to sort through their late mum's possessions.

Stacey Solomon with the family in their newly organised home. (BBC)
Stacey Solomon with the family in their newly organised home. (BBC)

Raaj Kaur, who moved in with her nieces and nephew after her sister passed away, acknowledged what Solomon and her team had done for them by tweeting: "Crying all over again. My sisters' babies finally have a home to be themselves and also be surrounded by mum."

Viewers were impressed by mum-of-five Solomon's sensitivity in handling the reorganisation, which included speaking to bereavement experts.

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One person tweeted: "Stacey Solomon is a national treasure, kindness and empathy just ooze out of her."

Someone else added: "I not ashamed to say I love @StaceySolomon she is just so positive and kind."

Sort your Life Out S2,5,Stacey Solomon,Optomen TV,Production
Stacey Solomon helped the family choose what to keep. (BBC)

Another fan wrote: "This show really makes my heart so full!! I absolutely adore @StaceySolomon and love how happy and positive that she always is."

Someone else tweeted: "Oh @StaceySolomon that was wonderful! #SortYourLifeOutYou touched my heart tonight and I had a good cry. What a wonderful human you are. Beautiful. That dear family!"

Viewers were also talking about how much they liked the family taking part in the episode.

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Sort Your Life Out's team. (BBC)

One person tweeted: "Love #staceysolomon (never judgmental, always positive) what a lovely family in tonight’s #sortyourlifeout - tough circumstances but their love for each other really shone through."

Someone else agreed: "Stacey Solomon is a sweetheart, isn't she. What a lovely family she was working with this week."

Another viewer wrote: "That was my favourite ever episode. What a lovely family."

Someone else added: "What a lovely family on #SortYourLifeOut so deserved the help from @StaceySolomon and team."

One viewer wrote: "Just something in my eye that’s all - #SortYourLifeOut is wonderful @StaceySolomon Xx"