‘This is our star, look after it for us’: Veterans project love letter to EU on White Cliffs of Dover

Maighna Nanu
Brigadier Stephen Goodall talking about the prospect of Brexit: PA

Two Second World War veterans have beamed a love letter to the EU on the White Cliffs of Dover asking them to “look after our star”.

On the early morning of Brexit day a short video of Sidney ‘Sid’ Daw and Stephen Goodall appeared on the cliffs in a touching tribute to the UK’s departure from the EU.

The end of the video shows one remaining star which appears alongside a message that reads: “This is our star. Look after it for us.”

The emotional appeal was projected onto the same stretch of coastline that returning soldiers saw upon their return from Dunkirk in 1940.

In the video Mr Goodall, 97, said: "I feel really depressed at the idea that we are leaving Europe because it has meant so much to me.

“I like to be called a European. And the feeling that one has of comradeship as one goes round Europe is really quite something.”

He added: “At my age I shan’t be living much longer but I hope that, for the sake of my children and my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren, that England, Britain will move back to be much closer to Europe than what we have done now.”

Stephen Goodall said he is

Fellow veteran Mr Daw made a heartfelt plea to Europeans across the continent: “Look from your side to this side, see these white cliffs, and we’re looking across at you feeling we want to be together and we will be together before long, I’m sure.”

The 95-year-old fought in France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany during the war.

He added: “I feel very, very sad about it all because we don’t know which way things are going.”

Sid Daw speaking in an emotional message on the day Britain leaves the EU (PA)

The video lit up the Kent landmark just after midnight on Friday morning.

The moving message, made by anti-Brexit campaign group Led by Donkeys, was translated into French and German.

Led by Donkeys organiser Ben Stewart, 45, said:”It was a real honour to put their words up there.

Stewart said the group wanted to demonstrate that the UK is not just “crass Nigel Farage and Brexit Party MEPs”.

He added: “There seems no better choice of people for the nation that we are than Steve and Sid.”

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