State of Emergency Declared in Del Rio, Texas, Amid Migrant Surge

The mayor of Del Rio, Texas, declared a state of emergency on Friday as an estimated 12,000 migrants, including many Haitians, remained near an international bridge that crosses the Rio Grande into the city.

In a video posted to Twitter on September 16, Del Rio mayor Bruno Lozano said the situation at the bridge was “the worst-case scenario of worst-case scenarios,” and warned of security and health risks. This week, migrants were seen wading through the Rio Grande, which separates Del Rio from Ciudad Acuna inside Mexico.

Local media reported that food and water have become scarce as temperatures soared, with migrants gathering beneath the bridge for shade.

This footage, released by the Office of Texas Congressman Tony Gonzales, shows migrants in Del Rio awaiting processing by American border patrol. Credit: Office of US Congressman Tony Gonzales via Storyful

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