'I stayed at one of Wales' worst hotels and it totally surprised me'

Hotel located by the seafront in town of Llandudno, North Wales.
-Credit: (Image: Ian Cooper/North Wales Live)

A man who stayed at North Wales' '"worst rated hotel" has made several TikTok videos about why the experience completely surprised him. Zac Jones, who is from Liverpool stayed at The Grand Hotel in Llandudno, which he claims is the worst-rated in North Wales .

In the first video he uploaded, Zac noted that it was; "once renowned as a very luxurious hotel", but that past reputation may not be what it used to be. Despite this though, he seemed to think that it is not all that bad, and spoke of several positives the hotel has after staying the night.

The hotel, located just by the seafront is rich with history, and is based in an attractive Victorian building prominent feature in the area, which is famous for the Llandudno North Shore Promenade.

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Zac, who has a following of almost 70,000 users on TikTok added in the video that the building has stood since 1902 and has survived two world wars. He also told his followers that his Great Grandmother used to come and stay at the hotel for "luxurious vacations." Before going inside. The TikToker said; "TripAdvisor reviews tell me there's nothing good about it, and it's actually embarrassingly bad.

"Tonight we're going to stay there ourselves and come to our own conclusions. What I can say about Llandudno though is it's a beautiful place in general."

Stepping inside, he noted: "Very nice entrance," while zooming in on a chandelier in the reception area and also said it was; "nice and classical... First impressions- this place is really cool." Get the best user experience with WalesOnline’s Premium app on Apple or Android.

He went on to show different parts of the hotel including the corridors and in a second video, the inside of his room. Describing his thoughts, Zac said: "First impression is a positive one. Definitely one of the nicest rooms I've been in, in a Britannia." He filmed the hotel room, which was extremely clean, and also enthused about the high ceilings and "grand curtains" by the window.

Less impressed by the bathroom, the TikToker made a separate video about this. He said: "This is quite a bad toilet, I'm not going to lie... The floor is for function, not for style. Just looking around, I'd want to wear my shoes in here.

Filming other parts of the bathroom, he showed the window, the Britannia soap, a bin and the shower. He said while filming the shower: "Bit of discolouration. It happens, it happens."

You can watch all of Zac's videos about the hotel by visiting his TikTok page, under the handle: @zacjonesliverpool