'We will be staying out here and doing all we can to find Jay', say Jay Slater's loved ones in moving show of strength as police search called off

Jay Slater's loved ones have spoken out to say that they will not give up looking for the missing teenager, despite the police search being called off.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News this morning and this afternoon, friend of the family Rachel Hargreaves said that those who had flown out to help in the search were 'still going to keep searching'. It follows police bringing an end to their search near the mountain village of Masca for missing Jay Slater. Police have however said the case 'remains open', awaiting any further information that may lead to finding Jay.

Ms Hargreaves showed strength on behalf of those who have flown out here, telling the M.E.N.: "We will be staying out here and doing all we can to find Jay."

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Ms Hargreaves is the mum of Brad Hargreaves, a close friend who was partying with Jay at the three-day NRG festival in Tenerife before Jay's disappearance. She flew out, along with other friends and family, to support Jay's family, including mum, Debbie, dad, Warren, and Jay's brother, Zak.

Together, the group has been integral to the investigation into Jay's disappearance, Spanish police have said.

The Civil Guard today said the near fortnight-long search, which has involved sniffer dogs, a helicopter and mountain rescue experts, had been brought to an end. They said officers would continue to act on any tip-offs or other information that came in - but the active work that has been ongoing since June 17 when the 19-year-old apprentice bricklayer was reported missing would now cease.

Confirmation of the dramatic development came less than 24 hours after a ‘last push’ operation involving around 30 police, firefighters and Civil Protection along with a handful of volunteers, failed to find any trace of the 19-year-old Oswaldtwistle in Lancashire.

A Civil Guard spokeswoman said today: “The search operation has now finished although the case remains open.”

The Manchester Evening News understands on the ground in Tenerife that the visible search that's been ongoing in the municipality of Buenavista del Norte, near Masca, with helicopters, dogs, and emergency service workers has been called off completely.

But the parallel investigation is still ongoing, and police are not discussing what they are doing there. Jay's disappearance isn't necessarily crime-related, the M.E.N. understands, but the Civil Guard has said from the beginning of the search that they're keeping all options open.