Stephen Mulhern tells This Morning star to 'shut their face' amid Josie Gibson romance rumours

Stephen Mulhern told This Morning host Ben Shephard to 'shut his face' after he decided to poke fun at dating rumours on his love life.

The Deal or No Deal television host appeared on the breakfast show to discuss his latest children's book on Tuesday. It comes following whispers that he's romantically linked to This Morning star Josie Gibson, after they were snapped holding hands.

Stephen and Josie were papped outside an ITV television studio as they filmed a feature for Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway on April 13, which came to an end after 20 years on screens, Manchester Evening News reports.

Discussing an upcoming segment on Tuesday's show, host Ben asked viewers if they find the sound of fingernails tapping on a table relaxing or annoying. He said: "The world of AMSR, we're going to be finding out for ourselves if it can help with sleep, anxiety and stress."

His co-host Cat Deeley also teased their upcoming chat with Stephen, who was immersing himself in the ASMR experience with the expert. The 47-year-old was laid on his back on a massage table as the woman rubbed bubble wrap across his face.

Josie Gibson breaks cover amid Stephen Mulhern 'romance'
Josie Gibson recently admitted she's 'in love' with Stephen -Credit:ITV

"I've only come here to talk about... I'm having the time of my life," Stephen laughed. "Is that because he's dating one of the family? Is that what it is?" Ben cheekily asked to which Stephen lifted his head and said: "Oh shut your face!"

As the camera panned the studio ahead of the break, Stephen was seen shaking his head looking over at Ben. However he didn't get away that easy, as the topic of his dating life was brought up again towards the end of the show.

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"We couldn't let you go without... Josie," Cat said. "The picture says it all," Ben remarked and as the picture of the pair showed them holding hands, Stephen said; "She didn't show up to rehearsals, I held her hand and I showed her where to stand. That is it!"

As Ben and Cat refused to believe his explanation, Stephen was left open-mouthed before asking: "Why are you doing this to me." They then ended the show as Stephen could be heard muttering: "Unbelievable!"

Quizzed on their relationship status following the snaps, Josie told MailOnline : "I'm in love with Stephen Mulhern. There you go. But story of my life, I don't think he loves me." She also later told OK! Magazine when we asked her about the photo: "Stephen? Oh, he’s so lovely. We are really good friends, I really adore him, but there’s no romance in the air. But he’s so nice.

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