ITV Deal or No Deal contestant 'gutted' as he misses out on £75k jackpot cash

Deal or No Deal returned to screens on Sunday night for the second episode of the new series. Host Stephen Mulhern opened the show, by inviting one contestant to take on the banker.

Looking to be in with a chance of winning a life-changing cash prize on Sunday's show was police officer Daryl. He became emotional when quizzed by Stephen what he would do if he won any money on the ITV programme.

Daryl admitted he's "overwhelmed" by the arrival of his two-week old baby Darcy who he welcomed with wife Rebecca. "The love, fear, security," he explained before going on to say he would love to bring home cash to his family.

His wife was watching on tensely at home, with his good pal and co-worker Josh supporting him in the audience. Daryl explained he would love to treat them all to a family holiday, and put the money towards a secure maternity leave for his wife.

Sitting with his box number nine, Daryl and his pal were confident he had a 'large number' at his hands. The first round saw him get rid of a lot of blue boxes - which contain lower sums of money - with the aim of keeping the red numbers.

Daryl became emotional as he explained what the money would mean for his family -Credit:ITV

"It's a good start, I'm not part of the 1p club," Daryl joked as the banker phoned and offered him up £999 in a joking nod towards his career but it wasn't good enough for the copper who said no deal.

Daryl joked he once went viral globally for being 'Britain's sexiest copper' in a photo posted to social media. Later on, the banker returned with a slightly higher offer of £1,800. However the player was confident he could aim higher and played on.

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His pal Josh encouraged him on, telling him to "go with the punches," and the third round saw him wave goodbye to a lot of the red boxes which contained high sums of money.

Despite losing the maximum winnings of £100,000, Daryl was confident he could still secure the £25,000 or £75,000 jackpot prize which was still hidden in either his fellow players boxes or his own.

However the pressure got to him eventually as the board started levelling out, and he accepted the bankers offer of £11,800. Josh quipped to his pal that his wife at home would "probably kill him" if he hadn't taken the offer.

Seeing how the game would have played out if he had chosen to decline the offer, Daryl was left gutted when he discovered the banker would have offered a whopping £37,500 if he continued.

He was dealt an even heavier blow when he opened his own box, to find that number nine had contained the £75,000. Attempting to console Daryl, Stephen told him: "Any man bringing home £11,800 has done an incredible thing and thank you for what you do."

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