Will Still backed to galvanise Sunderland after 'wheels came off'

Will Still
-Credit: (Image: Hugo Pfeiffer)

Dwight Yorke reckons Will Still is the right man to lead Sunderland and has urged the club to appoint someone sooner rather than later, stating there is “turmoil” at the club.

The former Black Cats striker also went as far as to say what he called the “shambolic” end to last season was down to a lack of leadership in the hierarchy. Yorke, 52, ended his playing career at the Stadium of Light having played starring roles at Aston Villa and Manchester United.

He still follows the progress of Sunderland and told Crypto Casino that he believes someone needs to be appointed quickly to prepare themselves best for next term. And he earmarked Still as a good candidate for the role.

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Yorke said: “It didn’t surprise me that Sunderland lost their form at the end of the season – the wheels came off. There is so much uncertainty at the football club. You can see the players haven’t got any sort of control or guidance from the authority at the top so their finish this season was shambolic. They need to get their act together really quickly and bring their club under control.

“They need some good leadership at the top in terms of who they’re going to bring in as the next manager, and they need someone who can take them forward for promotion next season, and, if not, to make sure they’re in the top six to give them an outside chance to qualify for promotion. I think Will Still would be a good example of someone who is the right fit for the job.”

Yorke elaborated on the position and said that in order for Sunderland to best prepare themselves for next season, a new manager will be essential in pulling together a squad that is capable of competing against the top teams coming back down from the Premier League.

“Sunderland need to sort things out quickly,” added Yorke. “The board and leadership need to show some more clarity in what they want. They need to select the manager quickly so that they can start to put the wheels into motion and come forward with their ideas for next season.

“When the new manager comes in, they’ll be looking to identify the players that they can improve and gather a squad that can really set themselves up going forward. When you think of the teams that are coming down from the Premier League, they’ve got the parachute window, so they’ll be tough to beat.

“But, above all you need to make sure your own house is in order and prepare yourself well – and that comes from the top all the way to the bottom within the club. Right now, there is turmoil, and it’s pending on the manager and who they want to select.

“They need someone who has their own identity and a clear idea of how they want to play with the squad he will inherit, and who he can add to that to make sure they’ve got the strongest squad to compete with next season.”