Still Game creators say series is ‘aspirational’ about old age

The creators of Still Game have said their comedy is an aspirational show about the joys of getting old.

Greg Hemphill and Ford Kiernan said their programme stems from their love of old people, and the offers hope for a lively later life.

The comedy writers, who also star beneath make-up and fake moustaches, said their characters Jack and Victor set a great example for young people.

Speaking to Radio Times magazine, Hemphill said: “Still Game is an aspirational show. It’s about hoping when you get to that age you have as much joie de vivre as Jack and Victor and their friends.”

“When we started the show, we adored the old folk in our lives – that lovely relationship between grandkids and grandparents.

“Victor and Jack were always supposed to be idols to young people. It’s a show about old people, and yet kids watch it. Mission accomplished.”

The final series of Still Game is airing on the new BBC Scotland channel from Sunday, and will see Jack and Victor bow out from their 17-year run on screen.

Kiernan said: “We’re really chuffed that Still Game was allowed to go this long. Not everyone gets that kind of run.

“We are going out on our biggest audience. Last year’s viewing figures were the highest we’ve ever had.”

The full interview with the show’s creators is available in Radio Times out today.

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