Stompa s flex airflow pocket mattress: A purse-friendly hybrid for kids that really delivers

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Children do most of their growing whilst asleep, so a supportive mattress is a must (iStock/The Independent)
Children do most of their growing whilst asleep, so a supportive mattress is a must (iStock/The Independent)

Hybrid mattresses seem to be having a moment, even in the children’s market – while the two main mattress types used to be foam or springs, these clever mattresses combine the best of both worlds for optimum comfort, support and longevity. This magic formula is used on the Stompa s flex airflow pocket mattress, so we were keen to see the outcome.

Stompa’s collection has one sole focus, and that’s a child’s bedroom – everything from the bed frame to the mattress, and a few accessories thrown in for good measure.

The Stompa trademark was established back in 1960 by a Norwegian family. The brand enjoyed great success in Scandinavia, but in 1980 was introduced into the UK. Now, a British/Danish owned brand and family run in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, it has become a well-trusted household name in the market.

That very reputation has been recognised by the National Bed Federation, the recognised trade association representing UK manufacturers of beds and their suppliers, giving buyers that peace of mind when navigating the world of mattresses.

"Your child does most of their growing whilst asleep so it is important that the mattress is of sufficient quality to support them properly," recommends Simon Williams, spokesperson for the National Bed Federation. "Ensure it is made by a reputable manufacturer, ideally an approved National Bed Federation member, and purchase it from a trusted retailer.”

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With the likes of Simba, whose single mattresses start from around £480, dominating the hybrid bed-in-a-box market, how does this cheaper Stompa alternative fare? Priced at a purse-friendly £229, our five-year-old tester welcomed this into her bedroom for a week to put it to the test.

Stompa S flex airflow pocket mattress

Buy now £229,

  • Sizes available: UK single, continental single and UK 4ft beds

  • Mattress depth: 15.5cm

  • Material: Hybrid

  • Guarantee: 5 years

  • Rating: 9/10

Design and features

Firstly, we were pleased to see that the bed-in-a-box mattress industry doesn’t just apply to adults, with our Stompa S flex airflow pocket mattress arriving in a slim red box. Many children’s mattresses are following suit with this space-saving, economical way of packaging and delivering. And it’s safe to say our mini tester was fascinated by the big unrolling of the mattress, and watching it “grow”. It suggests 3-4 hours for it to be at 90 per cent fulfilment, but 24-48 hours for it to be a fully risen bake.

With mattresses, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. You’re not going to see it in its natural state very often so Stompa’s no-thrills approach to the look of the mattress is spot on – a white knitted quilted top, grey on the border and a rather oversized, in our opinion, red Stompa label.

As with most hybrids, there are a lot of layers inside – six, to be precise – all playing different roles to maximise comfort.

At the core you’ll find 1,000 count pocket springs, encapsulated in a wall of foam, so the weight is evenly distributed and supported. This is then topped by an airflow comfort layer, allowing air to circulate, regulating temperature and moisture levels. It’s also bed bug-resistant and hypoallergenic, and adds a level of springiness.

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Dropping down to the bottom, there’s a supportive base layer made from a durable foam, which is known for its longevity and withstanding long-term use. You’ll also find the zip at the base, to remove the cover. Stompa counts the base cover as a layer, which we think is a little tenuous.

The grey border however, is soft, flexible and again boasts breathable attributes. Lastly, the top cover has a luxury feel to it, with a knitted fabric, quilted with a layer of soft, hypoallergenic fibre, which has been perforated to allow for body moisture to be wicked away.

We were also impressed to hear that the brand has recently introduced a CertiPUR approved free foam, which is better for the planet with no added TCPP (toxic fire retardant) and can be 100 per cent recycled. It also ensures you won’t get that industrial-like smell when you unroll it!

Comfort and performance

Seven nights have gone by and we’ve had no bedtime wakes. Generally speaking she’s a good sleeper, but as we’ve experienced a recent heatwave and, couple that with a change in mattress, we were half expecting disturbance. We needn’t have worried.

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The standout feature for us has to be the mega four-inch 1000-count pocket springs, which are well covered by a springy, comfort layer that contours the body, optimises airflow, keeps nasty bug beds at bay, and also happens to give a good level of bounce. But we were beyond chuffed with the breathability too – our somewhat clammy five-year-old’s temperature was regulated and the result is a dry one!

Naturally, the grown-ups tested it out too, and we’d take no issue sleeping on this medium-firm mattress ourselves.

Practicality and flexibility

Stompa’s purse-friendly layered mattresses are tested on kids aged three to ten, and testing with our five-year-old, we can see it lasting her through her primary school years. Stompa mattresses are also covered by a five-year guarantee against faulty workmanship or faulty materials, not that we can see us making use of that.

At 15.5cm deep, the s flex can be used on any UK or continental-sized bunk bed, which offers flexibility as families grow, particularly given the durability which will see this mattress stand the test of time.

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Unlike some kids mattresses, this one comes with its own zip-off base cover which can be washed at 30 degrees (but not to be tumble dried). It’ll help keep this mattress in tip top condition and useful for bed spillages, leakages or whatever else is thrown at it. It’s a no turn mattress too, so that’ll save a job, but it does suggest rotating it from time to time.

The verdict: Stompa s flex airflow pocket mattress

For £229, we can’t fault this high quality mattress. It’s cool, comfortable and supports growing bones. The finer details like the zip-off cover and environmentally friendly materials get big ticks from us too.

Buy now £229.00,

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