What is the strange smell hanging around Derby city centre?

People are asking what’s causing the weird smell lingering around Derby City Centre (Picture: Getty)

A strange, ‘awful’ smell is hanging over a Midlands city centre, and people want to know what it is.

People across Derby have compared the stench to sick, manure and drains, dubbing it the #DerbyStink on social media.

David Carroll tweeted: “I can confirm that the #DerbyStink has reached Horsley Woodhouse – probably farmers muck spreading but it does smell rather allot like vommit [sic].”

And Chris White: “The #DerbyStink has reached Allestree. I repeat..The #DerbyStink has reached Allestree. This is not a drill people!!!”

One woman reportedly told BBC Radio Derby: “When I came out of Derby Royal Infirmary I could smell it there. I can smell it in town. It smells like it’s all sick.”

Some city centre residents reportedly compared the stench to sewage, while one said: “It smells like poo basically.”


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Christine Stangroom posted on Facebook: “It smells like muck spreading in Oakwood this morning. Probably just wind blowing from farmers’ fields towards the city.”

One ready of Derbyshire Live said: “I had parked in the car park behind Bounce Revolution on Siddals Road, when I got out of the car there was a strong smell almost akin to fields being manured.

“I didn’t think too much of that, but on the walk down Siddals Road the smell became stronger and more like vomit.”