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Strictly Come Dancing finally reached its annual Blackpool Week tonight (November 17), and with that extra pressure on, this year's contestants truly upped their game.

Dances in the legendary Blackpool Tower Ballroom saw a big turnaround from the likes of Charles Venn and Graeme Swann.

However, the biggest high was saved for the end, when we were given our first perfect score of the series after weeks of close calls.

Here are the all-important performances, judges' scores and comments:

Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton danced a Salsa to 'Ooh Aah... Just a Little Bit' by Gina G

Shirley: "You brought more than the donkey and bucket and a spade. Those lifts, the rhythm in your body. Oh my goodness well done, fantastic." (Score: 9)

Bruno: "It was wild and wonderful. I loved the way you let your hair down. The ensemble pieces were so good it was like watching Kylie in concert. Wonderful." (Score: 9)

Craig: "You need to be aware of your legs in all your lifts. I was anticipating the direction of them getting there, but it was a bit haphazard. Your hip action was fantastic." (Score: 7)

Darcey: "It was fun and exciting from beginning to end. Your personality fills the ballroom with ease. Its just those dismounts and keeping it clean. But absolutely gorgeous." (Score: 8)

Lauren Steadman and AJ Pritchard danced an Argentine Tango to 'River' by Bishop Briggs

Bruno: "It was like watching a little girl growing up in front of your eyes. I loved the determination and intent you put into that. But it lacked a bit of fluidity and intimacy. It was a very grown-up dance, but you did the best you could with a very difficult dance." (Score: 7)

Craig: "I felt you were getting stuck between each step, it should flow a bit more. You should loosen your leg. I think in another three weeks you'll get it." (Score: 5)

Darcey: "It did look challenging for you. It's that extraordinary focus that worked for you, but we were really missing that chemistry and passion in the narrative." (Score: 6)

Shirley: "I appreciate the complexity, but the mood tended to stay the same. What I love about you is your determination, and next week you'll be back and give it 100%." (Score: 7)

Graeme Swann and Oti Mabuse danced Theatre and Jazz for Couple's Choice to 'The Trolley Song' from Meet Me in St. Louis

Craig: "I can't really see you having a career in musical theatre. It was character driven. You had charm, but it was child-like. You do tell the story and you do commit to the dances every week, and that's what I love." (Score: 7)

Darcey: "I so believed in you, oh my goodness. It was charming, full of character, you understood the style. Your timing was immaculate. You danced from the fist beat to the very last." (Score: 8)

Shirley: "It tugged at my heartstrings and I enjoyed every minute. You didn't miss a beat, got where you needed to be, you did great." (Score: 8)

Bruno: "Carry on like this and the West End will be calling. The characters were fantastic, a mish-mash of West End musicals. You showed stagecraft, which is very difficult to do. You have improved so much." (Score: 9)

Faye Tozer and Giovanni Pernice danced a Paso Doble to 'Unstoppable' by E.S. Posthumus

Darcey: "Beautiful strong delivery, dramatic attack. But what you kept was that femininity. There were times, especially at the end, where I sensed you found it difficult to keep. But very well controlled." (Score: 9)

Shirley: "It was musically powerful, choreographically powerful. I thought it was brilliant." (Score: 10)

Bruno: "I was steaming like a pressure cooker! This girl was the puzzle dominatrix!" (Score: 10)

Craig: "I loved the drama, theatre, story. Brilliant!" (Score: 9)

Kate Silverton and Aljaž Skorjanec danced an American Smooth to 'Everlasting Love' by Love Affair

Shirley: "This week it was Kate the consistent. You bring the most impeccable timing to the ballroom. Get some striding in, but other than that very good." (Score: 8)

Bruno: "That was so blissfully smooth. That Foxtrot is very hard, you went through the phrasing but it never interrupted the wonderful lightness." (Score: 8)

Craig: "I thought it lacked energy in the slow bits at the beginning, but you warmed up. I loved the choreography and content." (Score: 7)

Darcey: "You looked like you enjoyed every minute on being on this dancefloor. Don't grab him in the lifts, but overall beautiful performance." (Score: 7)

Charles Venn and Karen Clifton danced a Samba to 'La Bamba' by Connie Francis

Bruno: "My speedos and I are ready to join in with King Charles the First of Samba! When you were dancing with the guys, indistinguishable from the professionals. You are [born to do it]!" (Score: 10)

Craig: "It reminded me of one my pool parties in Hampshire. I was slightly distracted by the level of abdominals. But what I saw I really liked." (Score: 9)

Darcey: "To see the confidence, the masculinity and flow. I am impressed." (Score: 9)

Shirley: "I'm all hot and bothered. You commanded it, it was undulating, I felt like I was in Brazil." (Score: 10)

Joe Sugg and Dianne Buswell danced a Quickstep to 'Dancin' Fool' by Copacabana

Craig: "Out of hold you need to broaden your line, you need to take more ownership of the space. In hold you are a dark horse." (Score: 8)

Darcey: "That was a grand performance. A classic, quickstep, those images of Fred Astaire all the way through it. That was a stunning dance." (Score: 10)

Shirley: "You did [your] Nanna Phillis absolutely proud today. Even though the music was a tad slow, you stayed absolutely with the music." (Score: 10)

Bruno: "The style, the gloss, the glitz and glamour, pure Hollywood golden era. The synchronicity and angles, you hit every position, it was like mirror images." (Score: 10)

Ashley Roberts and Pasha Kovalev danced a Jive 'Shake Ya Tail Feather' from The Blues Brothers

Darcey: "That was fast, fantastic, the energy and attitude you give. You were literally floating. It was good." (Score: 10)

Shirley: "You pushed the envelope. The whole thing was absolutely on form and fantastic." (Score: 10)

Bruno: "Nothing fishy about that. It always happens in Blackpool, there are performances that become part of Strictly history. You did just that." (Score: 10)

Craig: "Fab-u-lous." (Score: 10)

Strictly Come Dancing airs on BBC One.

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