Strictly Come Dancing’s Georgia May Foote Keeps Dislocating Professional Partner, Giovanni Pernice’s, Shoulder

Oh dear, it’s not looking good for this year’s Strictly Come Dancing stars.

A week after it was reported that Jay McGuiness and Aliona Vilani were battling injuries after Jay kicked Aliona in the head twice, it has transpired that another couple are struggle to stay mishap-free.

Former Coronation Street star, Georgia May Foote, has admitted that she has caused her professional dance partner, Giovanni Pernice, a whole load of injuries - including repeatedly dislocating his shoulder.

And if you’re wondering, she has so far yanked Giovanni’s shoulder out of his socket a whopping five times.


Speaking to OK! magazine, Georgia explained: “When we were practising the salsa, I managed to dislocate Giovanni’s shoulder five times. It even happened in dress rehearsals.

“Because of the moves it pops out, so he has to pop it back in again. I think it can get pretty painful.

“I tend to dance with my elbows up so Giovanni’s scared I’m going to break his nose. His professional partner broke his nose a few years ago so he’s always like, ‘Watch my nose.'”

Still, the actress isn’t without her own ailments, adding: “I also keep catching my feet with my stilettos, so they’re pretty cut up.”

It also sounds like Giovanni makes up for his various injuries by being quite the taskmaster when it comes to rehearsing with Georgia, as she revealed: “He’s really strict. He’s just come out of competing so he’s still in this really competitive mindset.

“I sometimes have to remind him I’m not a professional, but if there’s something he knows I can’t do, then he won’t push me.”

Well, as the couple waltz their way through the competition we think it’s pretty safe to say that all of the hard work is definitely paying off.