'Strictly The Real Full Monty' first look: Martin Roberts panics as he meets muscle-bound stripping co-stars

Martin Roberts was concerned by Teddy Soares' biceps. (ITV)
Martin Roberts was concerned by Teddy Soares' biceps. (ITV)

A first-look clip of Strictly The Real Full Monty shows Martin Roberts panicking as he meets his stripping co-stars, telling them "we've got two Chippendales and a Teletubby here".

The Homes Under The Hammer star is one of a group of celebrities who will get their kit off in tonight's (Monday) ITV programme, an annual event that sees famous people strip to raise awareness of cancers.

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Roberts can be seen in a clip from tonight's show meeting his co-stars for the first time as they nervously await their instructions from choreographer Ashley Banjo.

He is confronted by Blue singer Duncan James and Love Island contestant Teddy Soares as two of the men he will appear alongside on stage - and he looks horrified as he feels Soares' muscle-bound arms.

The TV star says: "Look at this, muscles and six-pack, oh no!

"We've got two Chippendales and a bloody Teletubby here, this is not going well."

Roberts recently told The Express: "The first thing we did was the photoshoot where we had to actually get naked and that was probably the worst day of them all. That was the first time we took our clothes off in front of each other."

He added: "That for me was total total total terror and I absolutely fell to pieces at the end of that."

Martin Roberts looked horrified by his co-stars. (ITV)
Martin Roberts looked horrified by his co-stars. (ITV)

The group also includes Brenda Edwards, Demi Jones, Laila Morse, Colin Jackson, Christine McGuinness and James and Ola Jordan.

Banjo, who orchestrates the routine and stars in it every year, tells the anxious celebrity strippers that the show will be "more intense" than previous years and is met by worried faces.

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He says: "This is unlike any time we've ever done it before, we're going to go hard from the very, very first moment.

"I want the strip to be even more intense than it's been over the last couple of years."

This year's show has a glamorous Strictly Come Dancing theme and will be performed in Blackpool, the home of ballroom dancing.

Strictly The Real Full Monty airs tonight, 13 December at 9pm on ITV.

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