"I stuck by my partner's side when he came out as a trans man and proposed less than a month later"

A man stuck by his partner when he came out as a trans man and proposed less than a month later - now the couple are "happier than ever" and can’t wait to start a family together.

Elvis Smith, 23, was scared his childhood sweetheart, Ryan Smith, 24, would want to break up when he came out as a non-binary trans man in June 2019 - five years into their relationship.

When the pair met in August 2012, when they were just 12, Elvis says he "identified as female - using the name Elorah".

When Elvis was 19, he started to realise he might be transgender - having always felt uncomfortable in his body - and dressed in baggy tomboy clothes.

Elvis came out to Ryan in June 2019 and to Elvis’ surprise his partner was completely onboard.

Ryan proposed later that month at sunrise on a beach in Outer Banks, North Carolina, US, and the pair eloped and tied the knot in June 2021.

Elvis started his physical transition in March 2021 - cutting his hair short, binding and packing daily and beginning to style himself differently.

Elvis isn’t currently taking any hormone treatment, due to an autoimmune disease, but hopes to be able to - as well as having top surgery - in the future.

Elvis credits Ryan in helping him on his self-love journey and the couple can’t wait to start a family together.

Elvis, an artist, from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, US, said: “I was terrified Ryan would break up with me when I told him I was non-binary and transgender, but he was immediately supportive.

“The whole way through we’ve told each other 'if this isn’t what you signed up for then it’s OK to leave.'

“But Ryan has stuck by me.

“We’ve had many tearful conversations because I know he once had the expectation of a bride in a dress, but he’s been so onboard.

“He helped me choose new clothes and picked a new name for me.

“He’s my rock and has unconditional love for me.”

Ryan, a nurse, said: "It’s been difficult at times.

"But we’re getting through it. We’ve always talked about having kids and when Elvis came out, it became a little more confusing as to what that would look like.

"The difference in style and appearance were difficult for me to adjust to at first.

"I’ve always viewed myself as straight and I was worried that I wouldn’t be attracted to someone who looked and dressed masculine.

"But Elvis is so much happier and more themselves now so that’s actually more attractive."