Student discovers stranger’s Tinder profile pic was taken in his bathroom and he doesn’t know how it happened

The bathroom where the mystery started (@m_d_k_34/@jenna_zeee/Twitter) 

It should be the perfect match,.

Mark Kowalczyk, a student at West Virginia University on Tinder was recently flicking through pictures when he spotted a photograph of a woman he had never met before in a bathroom - his bathroom.

He recognised the bathroom by the pile of clothes in the room.

The picture was taken by another West Virginia University student, Jenna Zagrodniczek.

Despite attending the same university and both being 19, the pair had never met.

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Which is what confused Mark.

He took to Twitter and said: ‘I have never met this girl before and yet, her tinder profile picture is in my bathroom.’

The post was retweeted over 14,000 time (@m_d_k_34/@jenna_zeee/Twitter)

Although response to the post was slow at first, it took off when someone tagged in Jenna and she added by the mystery by revealing that she had also been dancing on his porch.

Suddenly the pair’s strange relationship took social media by storm.

Mark’s original message has since been tweeted more than 14,000 times and shared 52,000 times.

The mystery was solved when out turned out Mark and his housemates had held a party a few days previously, and while there Jenna had updated her profile pic.

Jenna posted another picture from the house (@jenna_zeee/Twitter)

But the pair did not meet during the party.

But that hasn’t stopped some from encouraging them to do so, now thwey have bumped into each other on social media and they attend the same university.

And it seems like it might happen.

The pair are set to meet up around Halloween and might even take a new photo in the bathroom. Watch this space…