Student Gets Drunk And Falls Asleep In Urinal

There are big nights out, and then there’s this. 

A man has been pictured asleep in the urinal of a pub toilet – much to the amusement of users on Reddit, where it was posted. 

But the apparently intoxicated student has been getting more stick for his dress sense than his choice of bed, if anything. 

In classic Reddit style, someone claims to have recognised the pub just from the tiny bit of bathroom visible. 

MarcelusWallace wrote: “Pavlov’s – Columbia, [South Carolina]. Will never forget that bathroom.”

Another user added: “Came here thinking, hey that looks like Pav’s. That bathroom was top 5 nastiest places I’ve ever seen. Miss that place.”

themantiss wrote: “reddit I love you. someone knows the bathroom. this is f****** great”

The pub is a favourite of students at University of South Carolina, hence the title of the Reddit thread: “College done not so right.”

Pavlov’s bar (Google Maps)

Cappantwan wrote: “Now that’s disgusting! Who wears moccasins with that outfit!?”

Another quipped: “His parents probably regret telling him that he could be anything he wanted to be when he grew up.”

“Yeah he grew up to be exactly what he wanted to be ‘a urinal cake’,” one user replied. 

BeefSerious said: “Every time I see a picture like this I thank whatever deity you want that I didn’t grow up in a digital age.”

There are also various discussion about urban legends – and apparently real people – who did this sort of thing on purpose, but are way too NFSW to share here. 

The picture has almost 1.4m views. 

(Credit: Reddit/Mr_Peppermint_man)