Stunning footage shows paramotor pilot gliding over Egypt's Pyramids and Sphinx

This stunning footage shows a paramotor pilot gliding over beautiful ancient Egyptian architecture - including the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Yanis Terzis, 35, captured some incredible once in a lifetime videos when he travelled to Cario and Luxor in Egypt for a paramotor event. A paramotor is essentially a regular paraglide set up, fitted with a huge fan that helps propel the rider and keep them airborne. Yanis used his trusty GoPro Hero 10 attached to his helmet to film himself soaring over The Pyramids and Sphinx in Cairo, and the Luxor temple in Luxor. During the flight over the Pyramids Yanis even got close enough to the top to TOUCH the World Wonder. Yanis, a psychiatric administrator, from Campinas, Brazil, said: "Most of the paramotor pilots fly high for safety precautions. "Sometimes I like to get a little bit risky on my flights and go close to the ground and over the building to get amazing shots and videos. “This was what happened with the Pyramids and temple flight, amazing footages that has been shared in YouTube with more than 7 million views. “We all had the permissions to fly over the pyramids and temples during the event, so no laws were broken. “My intention was to get some of the most amazing footage from a different angle over the pyramids and temples. “On the pyramid flight, I had the intention of touch my foot tip over the pyramids. That was something unique that I’m going to remember for the rest of my life. “I think many people didn't know what the pyramids are like on the top, and many people comment about the scriptures and graffiti up there. "Also, the incredible view in 4k give another perspective, and you can see all the details from the monuments.”

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